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This Store is Too Small for Dishonest People

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This is the saying on one of the signs inside the Honesty Cafe, a small little cafe near the port in Ivana, Batanes.

Joe and Elena own this place and because they were so busy with many other chores elsewhere, they often had to leave their little cafe which eventually turned into a self-service cafe, where even the payment for the food, drinks or souvenir items you want to get are done by dropping them into a box just sitting on the countertop. Thus, the birth of Honesty Coffee Shop where Honesty is the Best Policy.

Some of the other interesting reminders posted inside the cafe :)
1) Get what you need
2) Please pay for whatever you get
3) If you have no change, knock at the next door. If no one answers, sorry, so you give more than the price. But the Lord will give you more later on. May your tribe increase!

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by Tina Lim
AFAR Local Expert
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