The Best of Santorini, Greece
The best of Santorini, Greece is wonderfully accessible. Thought to be home to the lost city of Atlantis, Santorini is stunningly romantic. Whether approaching the island by ferry or plane, you'll see why people love it here. The dramatic shape of the caldera—like a perfect ring around the volcano that once wiped out the entire Minoan civilization—is one of the most surreal landscapes in Europe. The best of Santorini includes fresh Mediterranean food, delicious wines, and nighttime frolics.

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Volcanic Produce: White Aubergines

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We don't normally shop when we travel, but the local markets in Santorini that are perched on top of the caldera really got our attention. Grocery shopping is definitely that much more exciting when you have the Aegean Sea as the backdrop. These markets sell local produce that can only be grown in the volcanic soil of Santorini. It's called the "white aubergine," or the white eggplant. Unlike other eggplants, the white eggplants don't have seeds, and have sweeter taste. They are typically served in local dish called melitzanosalata, which means "eggplant dip."

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