Los Cabos
Los Cabos is a bit unusual compared with the rest of Mexico, where each state has a distinct traditional regional cuisine. Here, there's not necessarily a single defining dish (unless you count the Baja fish taco), and many restaurants can be a bit too touristy for travelers in search of authentic Mexican meals. That being said, Los Cabos' coastal position means that fish and seafood are as fresh as they come, and many restaurants here specialize in grilled catch of the day. Guests can even bring their own fresh catch for the chef to prepare to their taste. The Baja California peninsula also has a growing farm-to-table movement, and many restaurants tout their locally-sourced produce, which includes chilies, tomatoes, and herbs. Baja California is also Mexico's principal grape-growing and wine-making region, and guests love sampling the local wines, which are very difficult to find in the U.S. due to low production levels.