Known as the “Golden Land,” Myanmar is an alluring tourist destination. Cut off from the rest of the world during an extended period of self-imposed isolation, the country formerly known as Burma rarely fails to weave its spell on modern-day visitors. After being cocooned for much of the 20th century, things are changing rapidly now. Luxury tourism, in particular, has a secure foothold in such popular destinations as temple-rich Bagan and tranquil Inle Lake, as well as in some less well-known places. With a democratically elected government now steering the nation, further progress seems assured. Nevertheless, with its kaleidoscopic mix of ethnicities and enduring traditions, Myanmar so far remains endearingly unchanged when compared with neighbouring countries in the region. Even the biggest city, Yangon, with its condos and growing selection of bars, retains an old world allure. With Myanmar continuing to open up to visitors, now is the perfect time to sample its heady and distinctive offerings.