The easiest way to navigate to your hotel upon arrival at the Mexico City airport is to take an authorized taxi to your hotel: just purchase a ticket from one of the authorized booths inside the airport. The price will be preset depending on where in the city you are going. There is also a Terminal Aérea metro station about 200 yards from Terminal 1—but unless you’re really pinching pennies, it’s easiest to take a cab into town and then explore the metro system once you're situated. Other airports across the country may offer authorized taxis, airport shuttles, and vans to town centers and hotel zones.

Mexico has a comfortable, efficient, and inexpensive intercity bus system—worlds away from the U.S. Greyhound experience. An extensive network of in-country flights connects major cities. If you rent a car, be sure to drive only on the nation’s toll (cuota) highway system, which offers the safest conditions for travel. If you’re in a resort area and want to explore nearby attractions, ask whether your hotel has its own transportation service.