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Victoria Falls

"Dr. Livingstone, I Presume."
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November is a great time to visit the falls. When the water is not at its peak, you can travel to Livingstone Island.

The island offers epic views that you won't get from anywhere else along this UNESCO World Heritage Site. After a little hike and swim, guides take you to the edge of the falls where you can look down into Devil's Pool.

Explore the Smoke that Thunders
My whirlwind tour of Africa culminated with dinner aboard the Royal Livingstone Express, and a stop at No Man's Land between Zambia and Zimbabwe on the Victoria Falls Bridge. I jumped off the train, dodge the incessant hawkers (alright, I'll admit that I bought a few copper bracelets while doing this dodging), hung myself over the bridge rails, and fired off a few frames of one of the most impressive natural wonders in the world. Content, I filled back onto the train to continue one of the best rides of my life.

Victoria Falls: Take an incredible experience one step further!
Victoria Falls, referred to by its more descriptive indigenous name Mosi oa-tunya, ("The Smoke that Thunders") is a well known natural wonder. Many overland tours across souther Africa will feature the falls, with a stopping point on the Zimbabwe side of the border due to the greater development of the tourism facilities. What is less well known, however, is that the true awe of the falls is experienced on the Zambian side. For a small visa fee at the border, you can walk across the famous Victoria Falls Bridge to the park on the Zambian side. Here you can take shots such as this, from the swirling waters around the gorge from the base of the falls, known as the "boiling point." Here a bungee jumper is a the nadir of his jump while a cargo train passes over the bridge with the famous Victoria Falls Hotel in the background.

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