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Vallee de Papenoo

Foraging in Tahiti's Maroto Valley
Also known as the Papenoo Valley, the Maroto Valley is a magical place once inhabited by ancient Polynesians. If you go with a guide -- I recommend Marama Tours -- you'll be able to learn about the history of the area as well as learn to forage like they did in the past. The above photo is of a local fruit called noni, whose juice gets rid of mosquito bite itch. A few other natural remedies the group learned include lime can be a deodorant, coconut juice aids digestion and taro is good for strong bones and teeth.

Exploring the Maroto Valley on Tahiti
The Maroto Valley, also known as the Papenoo Valley, is located on Tahiti and allows you to explore the lush vegetation, flowers and fruits of the island away from the hustle and bustle of Papeete. There are an array of waterfalls, marae, natural pools and lookout points to enjoy. For example, in this photo, you have a clear view of Mount Orohena, Tahiti's highest peak at 2,241 m (7,352 ft). I recommend going with Marama Tours, as guides are knowledgeable about the area and can educate you on how it relates to ancient Polynesia. You'll also get to do a bit of hiking and swimming in this magical place.

Marae Fare Hape
In French Polynesia, marae were religious temples where priests could go to call gods down to Earth and ask for strength. In the Maroto Valley (Papenoo Valley) you'll find Marae Fare Hape, which focused on worshiping the god of the dog. It's interesting to see the stone infrastructure, as well see the abundance of fruits that litter the grounds -- noni, coconuts, guava, macadamia nuts and more. I recommend Marama Tours for the excursion, as guides are knowledgeable and passionate about ancient Polynesian history.

Vallee de Papenoo, Papeno'o, French Polynesia