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80067 Sorrento, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy

The Bay of Naples and Sorrento

I arrived in Sorrento on a hot Summer day. The sun was shining and the Bay of Naples sparkled under the clear blue sky. In the distance, I could see and Mt. Vesuvius on my right and to my left I could make out the Isle of Capri.

After I checked into my hotel which stood high atop a cliff, I decided to check out this charming little medieval town, the sites, and the marina.

Sorrento used to be a little resort that was a favorite of princes and aristocrats. Since the mid- 20th century, the town has grown and now visitors enjoy its charm and beauty.

Sorrento is best known for its yummy limoncello -there are lemon trees all over. Almost every home in town has even a small lemon tree, and the lemon theme is on pottery and tablecloths. Walnuts, olive oil, and ricotta cheese in traditional handmade baskets are very popular items. Sorrento specializes in wood inlay and marquetry items. Then there is the lacework of Sorrento - intricate and very beautiful.

The Piazza Tasso is the main square of the town. Make sure to stop and visit the Duomo.

While in Sorrento, a trip to the Isle of Capri by ferry or hydrofoil is recommended. Don't forget the Amalfi Coast. The drive down the coast is awesome. The beauty is stunning -the view around each bend is more gorgeous than the last!

Sorrento is so Italy of 50 years ago. Very different from say, Rome or Venice.

I'm glad that I didn't skip this town. Hopefully, I will return.

A good guide to Italy will give you info and web sites.