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Mindil Beach

Sunset at Mindil Beach
One of the best sunsets you can experience with the most beautiful views is in Darwin, Northern Territory. I went on a Sunday night so I also got to taste of the different flavors from around the world at the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets (Thursday and Sunday nights). Every time I go to Darwin I never want to miss the opportunity to hit this special market!
The Beer Can Battle
Were you the type of kid that built elaborate boats from sticks and trash to race down lakes and bays? Then the Darwin Lions' Beer Can Regatta is for you. Celebrating more than 40 years, the event promotes recycling and creativity and it's as fun to watch as it is to join. Participants construct life-size boats from empty beer cans—soda cans, baked bean cans, you name it—and race their makeshift watercraft at Mindil Beach. Past racers have competed on everything from a floating tennis court to a crocodile, and some manage to build massive party boats with roofs. If your favorite vessel sinks, no worries! Food and art stalls, a thong-throwing contest, and tug-of-war matches will cheer you up. Charity partners walk away with a portion of proceeds, and winners receive cash prizes and trophies made of, you guessed it, more beer cans. Who said Aussies were big drinkers?
The Beer Can Battle The Gardens  Australia

2/13 Travers St, Coconut Grove NT 0810, Australia
+61 8 8981 3454
Sun 4pm - 9pm
Thur 5pm - 10pm