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Charlottenlund Beach Park

Old Artillery, a Fortress, a Palace, and the Beach
Situated in the suburbs just outside Copenhagen, Charlottenlund Beach Park is a small oasis in one of Denmark's wealthiest areas.

The old fortress retains several naval artillery batteries in a space that has been converted to a park and overlooks a small, but beautiful, Danish beach. Just behind the park you can head into the park itself, which is a richly forested area that is absolutely stunning in fall.

Head to the nearby Charlottenlund Palace, built by Christian the VI in 1733, as part of your stroll through the park. There's also a lovely cafe down by the beach which is open to visitors and offers a view over the water.

One of Copenhagen's best-unknown parks
You can access the park by taking the train from the city center, or the 1A bus. The park is home to a small campground cafe, camp ground, ice cream stand, and restaurant. It also has a number of historic buildings in the forested part, a historic military fort from the 1800s, and a lovely little beach with sea-front walk.

It's worth a visit year-round, but particularly lovely in late spring, summer, and early fall.