Biking the Via Appia Antica

Via Appia Antica, Città Metropolitana di Roma, Italy

Getting out of Rome and into the country doesn’t take much of an effort. Head a few miles out of the city on the Via Appia Antica, the oldest and longest road in the Roman Empire, and you’ll find yourself at the Parco Appia Antica, a regional reserve park with beautiful green pastures and Roman tombs. From the Porta San Paolo (the entry gate to Rome) through the park, the ancient Appia Way has retained much of its original basalt pavement, making an easy riding surface for beginners as well as experts. For history buffs, ancient monuments, archaeological sites, and catacombs populate the area and are open for exploration. Nature-lovers can get up close with the sheep that produce Rome’s favorite ricotta cheese, as the area is free range for local shepherds herding sheep. There are several bike rental stands, including a favorite at the Appia Antica Caffè

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