The Heartwarming Travel Podcasts to Download for Your Next Trip

We partnered with live storytelling group The Moth to bring the pages of AFAR magazine to life.

The Heartwarming Travel Podcasts to Download for Your Next Trip

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It’s one thing to read an account of someone’s epic journey—it’s another to hear that same story shared in front of a live audience. In August, AFAR partnered with The Moth, the award-winning live storytelling group, to bring a handful of our favorite stories to life at AFAR Travel Tales, events that took place in New York City and San Francisco. And now we’re ready to share a few of the best with you.

In the following episodes of the Travel Tales podcast series from The Moth, presented by AFAR, you’ll hear stories of travel that transformed people. In the most recent episode, a young woman on the cusp of adulthood takes a challenging road trip from Nebraska to Houston with her father. And a refugee revisits his home in Iran after the Iran-Iraq war.

In our first episode, AFAR contributing writer Emma John, who took a life-changing trip to Venice as a teenager, tells the story of trying, as an adult, to reconjure the city’s magic for her teenage travel companion. Emma’s story was recorded at the San Francisco AFAR Travel Tales event, which took place at the Ritz-Carlton hotel. (Read her original story here.) Also on the podcast: T. Richard Corcoran, an HIV-positive traveler who takes a bike trip through the South of France after breaking up with his partner and receiving life-saving treatment.

Craving more? You’ll find 10 stories of transformative travel on the AFAR Travel Tales playlist.

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