10 Off-the-Grid Ski Spots
Make your next ski trip a cultural experience by going a bit further afield. These ten spots all offer great snow but also colorful local character. After a day on the slopes unwind with an authentic spa treatment and of course don't forget to try the local après ski drink.

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Ezo Fuji

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On our way from Sapporo to Lake Toya in Hokkaido, Japan, what emerged from the road ahead was this beautiful snow-capped mountain that looks very much like the famous majestic Mt. Fuji (highest mountain in Japan).

And as we jokingly called out Mt. Fuji to the kids, our local guide overheard us said we were actually right. Well, half right! This mountain is quite famous and is the Mt. Fuji of Hokkaido, and is nicknamed Ezo Mt. Fuji. Ezo is the old name of Hokkaido, the island on the northern end of Japan.

Ezo Mt. Fuji is located in the area of Shiribeshi, the southwestern part of Hokkaido, where its main attraction is its amazing natural scenery. The area consists of volcanoes, mountain ranges, valleys, rivers, amazing lakes, ponds and a wealth of natural wildlife. Visitors to the area do skiing, snowboarding, other snow activities, rafting, and of course the traditional Japanese hot spring (onsen). In the summer, there are a lot of national park activities, farming, jam making, enjoying the seafood and fresh produce.

The official name of this mountain though is called Mt. Yotei and it's approx ~1,900 meters high, compared to the ~3,700 meter Mt. Fuji.

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