The Most Beautiful Lakes in New Zealand
There are more sparkling blue alpine lakes in New Zealand than you can possibly imagine. In a land that is so geologically new, it's no surprise that these beautiful waters go hand in hand with ancient glaciers and towering mountain peaks. Whether it be the stillness of New Zealand's South Island picture-perfect lakes, or the geothermal heated waters of the North Island, you will not be disappointed by the beautiful lakes all around.

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Lake Wanaka to Glendhu Bay Hike

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Soak up the endless horizon on this 15k tramp alongside Lake Wanaka.

Why is this worth your Kiwi time? The rolling and winding track that follows the lake’s edge provides an unobstructed and ridiculous view of the snowcapped mountain tops (head over in spring for sunny skies and cool winds).

Park your car in one of the lakefront car parks in town and head clockwise along the lake. You'll pass Waterfall Creek and the small Damper Bay before you reach Glendhu Bay.

The only thing that is missing here are sculptures of hobbits, dwarves, and trolls (just saying).

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by Jaime Komer
AFAR Local Expert
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