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A Fatima Pilgrimage

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On our vacation to Portugal, my husband and I rented a car and drove the 86 miles from Lisbon to Fatima. (There are also bus trips that you can schedule at your hotel in Lisbon).

We had planned a pilgrimage to this famous town during our trip. Fatima is one of the Catholic Churches' most important sites. The huge esplanade is two times as large as St. Peter's in Rome. The entire area is beautiful and peaceful.

I was awed as I walked to church for Mass, bought and lit candles, participated in the candlelight processions, and walked the grounds while meditating.

We stayed at the Hotel Fatima which is right next door to the basilica and very convenient.

There are many restaurants, hotels, and stores in Fatima.

The information center on the grounds is very helpful. You will learn about the miraculous story of Fatima. Check it out as you arrive.

This is a rewarding trip when visiting Portugal.

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