Both Edmonton and Calgary have international airports, with daily flights arriving from just about everywhere. Because Alberta is so large, and its attractions so spread out, make sure to fly into the right airport. The Alberta Badlands, the Cowboy Trail, and Banff and Waterton national parks are closer to Calgary, while Jasper National Park is closest to Edmonton. Another scenic way to arrive in Alberta is by train. VIARail’s Canada Line runs between Toronto and Vancouver, via Jasper and Edmonton. Rocky Mountaineer runs from Seattle and Vancouver to Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff, and Calgary.

Alberta is massive, but regional flight services are limited. While airport shuttles to Jasper and Banff national parks are available from both Calgary and Edmonton, it’s often easiest to get around the province by car. For the most part, roads are paved and navigation is easy, but make sure to check your fuel gauge before leaving rural towns, as it can be several hundred kilometers between service stations. The bonus, however, is fuel prices that are typically the most inexpensive in Canada. Throughout the summer, many visitors opt to rent RVs and stay at campgrounds in the Canadian Rockies. In the winter, make sure to request an AWD rental car with winter tires to make the most of driving on snow-covered roads.