The Guadeloupe Islands
Guadeloupe enjoys a tropical climate with steady trade winds on the Atlantic side and temperatures hovering between 75 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. The rainiest season is June to October but thunderstorms rarely last. Wet days are more common in the forest areas of Basse-Terre. High season is December through February when travelers from Europe and North America flock to the islands, while summer is when the French take month-long vacations. With so many islands to explore, it never feels too crowded in Guadeloupe, but some areas, such as Les Saintes, do sell out quickly during high season. For a more culture-focused experience, visit during Carnival in February, or in August during the Fete des Cuisinières—a colorful festival dedicated to the island’s female chefs and queens of Creole cuisine, who parade in traditional costumes while tastings take place.