The Guadeloupe Islands
On the rise as a culinary capital of the Caribbean, the food scene in Guadeloupe is one of its strongest assets. With a blend of African, French, and Indian influences, local restaurants surprise diners not just with their flavors but also with their presentation. Meals kick off with a ti’ punch—a traditional stiff drink made with your choice of white rhum plus cane sugar and lime juice. Neutralize the kick by snacking on delicious accras de morue (cod fritters) or boudin créole (blood sausage). Common entrées include Colombo (a Sri Lankan–influenced curry-like stew with chicken) and seafood prepared in various ways, from lobster to crayfish to stuffed crabs. Try rice and beans as a side, with baked christophine (a type of gourd also known as chayota) topped with cheese. Dip anything in the onion-based sauce chien dip because it’s that good. If you’re roadside at night, find the bokit truck and bite into this fried, stuffed johnnycake. Desserts are taken seriously (you are in a French territory, after all) so be sure to save space for a banane flambée or mango soufflé.