The Guadeloupe Islands
There is no doubt Guadeloupe’s beaches are stunners, and the prime reason most visitors venture to the archipelago. Once there, you’ll notice the Guadeloupean way of life is about staying active and healthy. Hike the Guadeloupe National Park, where trails are marked by difficulty, and swim in one of its many waterfalls. Head to popular local beaches like Saint-Anne or La Datcha after sunset during the week, and join locals for an evening of volleyball, swimming, and snacking from food trucks. Pointe-à-Pitre is a must on Saturdays, when the streets come alive with gwo-ka drum performances on the way to the colorful markets. Island-hop to Marie-Galante for a feel of the old Caribbean and for the best local rhum, then head to Les Saintes for the ultimate mix of laid-back beaches and gourmet dining.