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Aruba in Photos

Art and Architecture in Downtown Oranjestad
Oranjestad is a unique blend of old and new that lends a distinctive charm to Aruba’s capital. Pastel-hued Dutch Colonial buildings, vibrant color, and charming shops line the streets. Venture off of the beaten path and into the back streets to discover and explore this photographer's paradise.

Aruba's Artistic Heart
At Reina Beatrix International Airport you'll find paintings and sculptures from local and international artists in the lounges, prayer hall, meditation room, and sculpture garden; the latter features Ryan Oduber's whimsical Double Nothing domino sculpture, among others. There are also public pieces scattered across the island, like the Lost Fishermen outside the Governor's House, as well as impressive private collections like those of the Aruba Marriott, with one-of-a-kind works from Caribbean masters like Elisa Lejuez; her colorful canvases serve as a tribute to local lore and everyday life, while Elisa herself offers studio tours.

Aruba on Two Wheels
Aruba is small enough that serious cyclists can pedal around the entire island in a single day, though those who prefer to take it easy—and families with young kids—will appreciate the exotic terrain, easy trails, and multitude of beach breaks. For those looking for more of a challenge, the north coast awaits; the unpaved roads are dusty and winding, and take riders to secret beaches, cactus-fringed coves, and hidden tide pools. Aruba Active Vacations can take your family on pedal-powered excursions to the California Lighthouse, Tierra Del Sol, and onto the beach for a picnic. With Rancho Notorious you can ride authentic donkey trails on your way to the Alto Vista Church, before whipping along the coast with the wind at your back.

Aruba Sunset
Life is flippin' awesome!

Lost at Sea
Let's face it. On a ship, sailing away from port, the only person that truly knows your exact location, is up on the bridge, safely guiding your luxury liner to its next destination. But, more than likely, as a passenger, you are only left to wonder, just where in the middle of the deep blue sea am I?

We agreed to spending a week with our family on a cruise ship for the holidays and while we found several reasons to get "lost" during our stay on our massive floating resort, we also wondered just where the miniature ships around us were headed. And while most were grazing at the buffet and fighting over a deck chair, we were lost in curiosity.

Rent a jeep and diy tour Aruba!
Aruba was a great place to honeymoon.

If/when we ever go back we'll definitely stay at the Hyatt.

Everyone was very nice and helpful. We took a sunset sail on a catamaran which was absolutely lovely and highly recommended. We also had a wonderful seafood meal at Gasparito.

Our favorite part though was renting an open-top jeep (don't forget the sunscreen) for the day and doing our own tour of the island. We went up to the lighthouse, then around the other side of the uninhabitable part of the island (where this picture was taken). We stopped where we wanted (couldn't snorkel Eagle beach that day as the waters were murky) regardless it was fun!

When I wish upon a star....
Giant starfish on the beach

Oranjestad, Aruba
Photograph surreal divi divi trees, check out vibrant Dutch colonial architecture, and shop the craft markets in Oranjestad.

Adventures in Aruba
Aruba, a tiny Dutch Caribbean island just off the coast of Latin America, is all white sand beaches and blissfully blue sea, dry and sunny weather but with the benefit of cooling trade winds. So far, so typical tropical paradise. Yet the instant you step off the beaten track, you’ll find out Aruba has so much more to offer than just this.

As you move away from the balmy West Coast to the eastern shores, you’ll discover a rich and rugged landscape, beaten by the wind and the waves. Desert vistas, old ruins, and quaint little towns are teamed with waves crashing relentlessly against the shore - and the Jeep ride to get there is an adventure in itself.

The next mode of transport we recommend is a little more authentic: a ride on horseback towards a natural pool. As you mount dramatic inclines and make gentle descents across the landscape, you can put all your trust in your steeds as they lead you to the island’s famous saltwater pool.

Finally, in your quest to discover the island’s secrets, we suggest you take a trip to Arikok National Park. Cue ancient caves, bats dangling from the ceilings, and underground paths leading you to Indian rock art dating back over 1000 years. The fascinating history of the area will leave you with far richer memories than simply a strong dose of sun, sea, and sky. Having said that, sometimes you just can’t beat a day in paradise. Make the most of the beach by waking early and watching the sun rise, perfectly azure waves lapping at the shore. It’s always great when you can have it all…

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