Les Dents du Midi

Dents du Midi, 1873 Val-d'Illiez, Switzerland

As seen from Vevey on a clear sunny day

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Alpine Climbing

For such a popular Alpine route, chances of crossing more than a handful of other walkers and climbers is pretty slim, making it an excellent change from the busier resorts in close locality. It’s also easy to access the start of the initial ascent to the Dent du Midi hut - both on foot and by car. A comfortable starting point is the campsite at Ven d’en Haut - from here the hike to the Lac de Salanfe is about an hour - here everything really opens out to Alpine medows, glacial waters and snowy peaks. The ascent starts to steepen now, and could take another four-to-six hours - if that might be a struggle, perhaps spend the evening at the Auberge on the shore of Lac de Salanfe. We kept going for it, since we started our climb late afternoon to avoid the heat of the day, we didn’t reach the hut until after dark - it was lucky we had head torches! The path is well marked, and easy to navigate but does get steep, and the terrain consists of very loose rock - there’s also a good chance some snow will still be lying. We arrived at the Dent du Midi hut to discover there were no beds left for the night - not a single one! We had to sleep on makeshift beds on the floor of the kitchen - pretty chilly and not a single bit comfy - make sure you book in advance during the summer! We also had to pay, so make sure you have the correct cash with you. From the hut, it is possible to access the Dent du Midi range. At night time - you are touching distance to the stars!

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