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Sit Back at one of Greece's Undiscovered Beaches
People will tell you that the drive to Elafonisos island is just 30 minutes from Monemvasia but allow 45 to navigate the adventurous roads through small towns. Wait for the ferry that allows cars (there are two) and then take the road to the left that goes toward Simos Beach. The warm, bright blue water glitters like those 4th of July sparklers and, if you go in early October, you'll probably have it all to yourself.

An Undiscovered Island in Greece
The first time going to Greece I was determined not to go to the typical islands I had already heard so much about. Summer 2011 we discovered a hidden jewel, Elafonissos. It is a very small island, just 20 square Km, off the southern tip of the "third finger" of the Peloponesse land mass. If you speak to the Greeks, theyll agree that its one of the most beautiful islands as it's what they consider a "virgin" island - not over-developed (yet), and more locals than tourists know about it. Crystal clear water and white beaches (Simos beach is a must!). And it's located just north of Crete which makes for a convenient day trip.