Chinese festivals and holidays take place throughout the year, including the Dragon Boat Festival in June and the Mid-Autumn Festival in September. If you’re in town at this time, be sure to participate: Celebrate with the locals over rice dumplings as you cheer on the dragon boat race, or eat mooncakes under the glow of lanterns for Mid-Autumn. As with the rest of China, Chinese New Year (which occurs around February each year, depending on the lunar calendar) is the biggest celebration of the year. The atmosphere will be joyful, and you’ll see red and gold everywhere to usher in good fortune for the year ahead. If you already thought the food is delicious in Xi’an, you’re in for some extra treats during the New Year celebration: sweet and savory turnip cakes (niangao), candied fruits, noodles, and dumplings are just a few of the many dishes that pop up around this holiday. Festivals local to Xi’an include the China International Tourist Cliff-Climbing Festival in July and the Xi’an Ancient Cultural Festival in September.