Many people visit Xi’an specifically to see the Terracotta Warriors. For another lasting mental memento of your visit, try taking a walk around the city at night: follow the City Wall, stroll along the moat, circle the Bell Tower, and end up in front of the fountains at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Walk through the Muslim Quarter to sample dishes, peruse stalls selling handicrafts, and get to know the Muslim community that resides here. Don't miss the Great Mosque on Huajue Lane! If you're looking to experience the heart of the contemporary party scene, visit Defu Lane inside the South Gate of the City Wall. This district was once part of a palace, but it is now home to a cluster of bars and restaurants, frequented by locals, expats, and visitors who all share one distinction: They are night owls. Last but not least, be sure to sample local food specialities like the liangpi and biangbiangmian noodles.