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Atlas Mountains

My view from a Kasbah in Morocco
I can remember every smell from my first Stay in Morocco...  I landed and walked into the Marrakech-Menara airport where Huge Arabic script greets you from the wall...  I presume saying Welcome Weary Traveler, or something along those lines.   I stepped into the heat outside and saw camels, mercedes, vendors and taxis, all the taking their time in a Casablanca kind of vibe!   Our destination was to get out of the bustle, and make our way to the Atlas Mountain range, and visit some of the Berber Tribes in the expansive range.
 We traveled for a few hours through winding roads and small villages, on our way up to Kasbah du Toubkal for our mountain stay at the base of the highest Peak in North Africa, (Jbel Toubkal).   Kasbahs are the Guest houses or refuges, in Morocco.   Ornate red velvet tapestries lined the walls.  We were immediately served some mint tea, and were welcomed into this beautiful place at 1800 meters in the rugged Atlas Mountains.    Every view was breathtaking and took me back in time, which I just couldn't out of my mind.   Out on the balconies, the sounds of cowbells, wind, foreign chatter and prayer bells wafted through the air, as we discussed out plan for a trek out to some Berber villages the next day.  The photo above is a view in the morning, from my room balcony.  Cold, morning air with a feeling of adventure was the only way I can describe that experience.  I tell all my friends, to make this journey at least once!  
Market Day in the Atlas Mountains
This was not far from Marrakesh and well worth the trip to see.
Market Day in the Atlas Mountains Naâma Province  Algeria

Farmers Market
There was everything here, haircuts, tailoring,turkeys...
Farmers Market Naâma Province  Algeria

Road Trippin' Through the Atlas Mountains in Morocco
Sat up on top of the van, all bundled up, as we drove several hours on small roads on our way to the Ahansel River. The backdrop of snow-capped mountains provided some incredible vistas.
Road Trippin' Through the Atlas Mountains in Morocco Naâma Province  Algeria