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Where to Donate to Help the Nepal Earthquake Relief Effort

By Sarah Purkrabek

Apr 27, 2015

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Photo by Megan Winslow

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More than six million people live in the regions affected by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shook Nepal over the weekend. The quake and its aftershocks have left over 3,000 people dead and almost 6,000 more injured. Complicating things is the fast-approaching monsoon season, which generally begins around June.

The world has mobilized to support Nepal in its time of need. Several countries— including Nepal’s neighbors India and China and European countries like the UK and Norway—have already sent aid in the form of disaster response teams and financial assistance for charities already at work in the relief effort. A U.S. disaster response team of around 70 people is also expected to arrive on scene in Nepal today.

For those of us at home who want to help, many of the groups working hard on the ground are accepting donations for relief efforts in Nepal. This money will go to getting more response and search-and-rescue teams out there, as well as providing resources that are desperately needed by so many newly-homeless survivors, including plastic sheeting and other temporary shelter, drinking water—which is already of limited supply under normal circumstances in Nepal—and medical supplies like bandages and trauma kits.

Here, a list of organizations below where you can donate towards the Nepal relief effort:

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