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Photographer Ariana Lindquist’s Impressions of Vietnam

By Ariana Lindquist

Oct 13, 2013

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For the November/December 2013 issue, Lisa Abend went to Vietnam to try to rediscover the Vietnam that her father experienced during the war. Ariana Lindquist photographed the story. Here are some more of Ariana’s impressions from her time there. Above: Thai tourists dress in reproductions of Vietnamese imperial clothing and pose for photographs during a tour of the Imperial City in Hue, Vietnam.

vietnam adriana lindquist

The rooftop of the top tier of the Hien Lam Pavilion (Hiển Lâm Các) can be seen over the inner wall of that surrounds the Imperial City in Hue, Vietnam.

adriana lindquist vietnam

A server prepares bowls of bún thịt nướng in the kitchen of the popular local restaurant Huyền Anh in Hue, Vietnam. Bún thịt nướng is a heavenly cold rice noodle dish topped with fresh herbs, vegetables, grilled pork and peanuts, served with a side of a sweet, vinegary, fish sauce-based dipping sauce infused with garlic and peppers.

adriana lindquist vietnam

Diners tuck in to Liên Hoa’s famous vegetarian hot pot during the lunch rush in Hue, Vietnam. The restaurant, owned by a Buddhist monastery, serves a fantastic array of delicious vegetarian cuisine.

adriana lindquist vietman

A villager rakes rice kernels to spread them out to dry in front of a small Buddhist temple during the rice harvest in Thuy Phu village near Hue, Vietnam.

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