Discover the Thrills of Adventures in the Antarctic and Argentina on this Privately Guided Tour and Cruise

Travel to southern Argentina, the gateway to “the seventh continent,” for a trip that spans the wine and tango of Buenos Aires and a bona fide polar expedition—with a world-famous waterfalls finale.

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Experience the awe-inspiring Antarctic icebergs

Photo by Dylan Shaw/Unsplash

Explore Antarctica’s majestic landscapes and wildlife on a polar expedition that few travelers will get to experience in their lifetime, complete with a premium cruise and Kensington Tours’ expert guides leading the way through the infamous Drake Passage and beyond (available November to March) and offering their expertise on land as well. On either side of this White Continent adventure, you’ll awaken your senses in Buenos Aires, via fine vintages and by dancing the tango, and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of this fascinating capital city. You’ll travel in style via English-speaking guides and prompt private drivers that make transport a breeze on a tour that’s customizable to your specific passions. And for the grand finale? Take in one of South America’s national treasures and one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World, Iguazú Falls.


Trip Highlight

Wildlife Safaris in Antarctica

After a stay in the cosmopolitan capital city of Buenos Aires, board an expedition trip to Antarctica, where wildlife safaris include whale-watching, nature hikes—and getting up close and personal with polar animals such as chinstrap penguins.

Trip Designer

Kensington Tours

With Kensington Tours, you can travel in style on personalized journeys that take travelers deeper into each location with excursions tailored to your specific desires. From active outings and culinary delights to historical immersion, Kensington Tours delivers authentic, rewarding experiences thanks to its deep local connections for memories that will last a lifetime.
Enjoy an authentic Tango performance in Buenos Aires.

Enjoy an authentic Tango performance in Buenos Aires.

Courtesy of Kensington Tours

Days 1-3:Tango in Buenos Aires

Your first night in sultry Buenos Aires will set your Argentinian adventure off in style with a night of tango. To preserve your energy for a night on the town, transport will be easy—an English-speaking guide will be waiting for you outside of customs with personalized signage and accompany you straight to your hotel.

After check-in and a refresh, you’ll be whisked off to a traditionally late-night dinner at El Querandi in the historic city center of San Telmo. Savor an a-la-carte feast of more than 20 authentic regional dishes. Then turn your eyes to the stage to watch a dazzling, sensual tango performance with live music and passionate singing—the perfect welcome to Argentina. After a private trip back to the hotel, settle in for a restful night’s sleep.

When you awake, the excitement of Buenos Aires will be waiting. Your first Argentinian walking tour covers the town’s rich history and hits hotspots such as the Pink House, the presidential palace—where Eva Perón made her balcony speech memorialized in Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina—and the Recoleta Cemetery, where she’s laid to rest.

Other highlights include the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Colonial Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar (the second-oldest basilica in town), the cobbled streets of San Telmo, and the Paris-inspired Avenida de Mayo. In the Retiro neighborhood, you’ll find the splendid Plaza San Martin, one of the oldest and most beautiful parks in the city. Along the way, you’ll refuel and rest during lunch, and go shopping in the Recoleta neighborhood, including Avenida Alvear, home to many of the top designer houses in the world.

Your last full day in Buenos Aires will include a deeper exploration of the trendy, bohemian neighborhood of San Telmo, famed for its multitude of antique shops, and the working-class port district of La Boca, where you’ll see the brightly colored houses of Caminito Street. Known around the world, the street was declared an outdoor museum in 1959. It’s the work of one of Argentina’s most famous painters and neighborhood philanthropists, Quinquela Martín, who executed the project by gathering neighbors to paint the houses—made of tin and scrap metal—in bright colors to emulate the area’s early immigrants.

Sports enthusiasts, however, might be just as excited about the area’s “other” recognizable icon, La Bombonera (the Chocolate Box) stadium that’s home to the Boca Juniors, the country’s largest soccer club. Nearby is an outdoor museum dedicated to soccer and the second national pastime, tango.

This afternoon, you’ll meet with a representative of Atlas Ocean Voyages to check in and receive more information about your next day’s Antarctic voyage—and prepare for an unforgettable expedition.

Welcome aboard your luxury voyage ship.

Photo by Rod Long/Unsplash

Day 4:The Adventure of a Lifetime on an Antarctic Cruise

Your Antarctic Cruise takes off from the resort town of Ushuaia, nicknamed “the end of the world” and known as the gateway to Antarctica. Your trip there will be a modest three and a half hours on a direct flight. Upon arrival, your luxury expedition cruise awaits.

Take some time to get settled into your stateroom and explore the length of your cruise vessel. This evening, join fellow cruise mates for a welcome reception to kick off the cruise adventure. You’ll find superb onboard facilities for your polar exploration, so your discoveries onboard will match those ashore. Every ship has a comfy lounge for end-of-day cocktails, a luxurious spa, modern fitness offerings, hot tubs for post-adventure soaks, and expansive decks for fresh air and a dose of Vitamin D.

Your polar expedition is arranged so you don’t have to think about a thing once onboard. In addition to the charter jet service and group transfers to and from your ship, enjoy destination briefings, shore landings led by expert field guides, and pre-organized sightseeing safaris (including a polar plunge, if you dare!).

All on-board meals are included—even afternoon and high tea—with a choice of diverse cuisine from an array of restaurants with ever-changing menus, along with unlimited beverages including craft beers, fine wines, spirits, and specialty coffees. A 24-hour bar service with specialty snacks is also provided in the open bars and lounges. You’ll also enjoy Champagne paired with gourmet canapés during meet-and-greet events. For those wishing a more private experience, in-room dining is also provided, along with butler service.

Additional amenities include inspiring and enriching lectures onboard by qualified experts, limited Wi-Fi, in-room mini bars stocked with your preferences, and a complimentary welcome sparkling wine. For your convenience, onboard gratuities are included.

A whale’s flukes, or tail, in Antarctica

Photo by Rod Long/Unsplash

Days 5-6:Sail the Drake Passage

Let the wildlife spotting begin! As petrels and albatrosses glide across the sky, keep your eyes peeled for humpback whales and dolphins while traversing the Drake Passage. Off in the distance? The icy peaks of the South Shetland. Navigating the intrepid Drake Passage puts you in the company of the very boldest of explorers—this waterway where the cold southern ocean meets warm northern sea water creates powerful currents that test your mettle. But on some occasions, the channel is calm and tranquil, making for a pleasant voyage into Antarctica. Either way, the rewards for the journeyers who brave these waters do not compare. To witness the awesome power of the famed Drake Passage makes the voyage to Antarctica all that more triumphant, as you barrel toward the northern point of the White Continent.
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Elephant Island, home to elephant seals

Photo by Enrique Setim/Unsplash

Day 7The natural wonders of the South Shetland Islands

After the Drake Passage, the South Shetland Islands offer your first opportunities to disembark and set foot on Antarctica. You’ll be surrounded by astounding natural sights as you marvel at scenic landscapes and take in wildlife and magnificent viewpoints during group hikes. You may stop at Elephant Island, named for the shape of its cliffside and the elephant seals that call it home, or the volcanic caldera that is Deception Island, rife with heated springs in inky black sand. Other stops may include Half Moon Island, Yankee Harbor, Point Wild, and Barrientos Island, famous for its Gentoo penguin rookeries. By night, catch up with fellow explorers over a delicious meal or cocktails in the lounge, or soak your post-hike muscles in the hot tub.

A four-story-high Antarctic iceberg

Photo by Derek Oyen/Unsplash

Day 8-10:Explore the White Continent on Antarctic Cruises

Nicknamed the White Continent for its vast expanse of icebergs, snow, and glaciers, Antarctica is often the final frontier for seasoned explorers to conquer. As you navigate the ice-cold Antarctic waters aboard your cruise, you may have the chance to kayak through them and set foot on sites such as Beak Island, Brown Bluff, Cierva Cove, and Hidden Bay. Led by an experienced expedition team, you’ll explore Antarctica’s diverse landscapes, marveling at icebergs, glaciers, expansive tundra, and rugged mountain peaks. The expert crew will work with changing weather conditions to take you to the best areas for wildlife viewing, as you follow the paths that few explorers have trekked before. Be prepared to fall into bed tonight exhausted from adventure.

Wake up with a new appreciation of the capriciousness of weather and enjoy letting Mother Nature take the reins. Based on the ever-evolving weather conditions, the captain will spend the next two days navigating the region trying to find the best areas for wildlife viewing. With no specific area planned, this adds a sense of adventure and an element of surprise to your voyage. Do expect safaris in Zodiac boats and daily landings with a skilled expedition team. With their expert assistance, you’ll experience these breathtaking polar regions to the fullest. Thrill-seekers will have the chance to connect with their wild side with a plunge into the icy waters. A photographer will capture the moment, and you’ll even be rewarded with a certificate of achievement. Feel free to cheer on your fellow explorers while they take the dive.

A ship passing by a seal

Photo by Jeremy Steward/Unsplash

Day 11-12:Cross the Drake Passage

It’s time for the two-day return trip back to the Americas. Enjoy some high-seas self-care at the spa, and swap stories of your polar exploits with fellow explorers, maybe even making plans for new adventures together once you get to shore. (A trip to Antarctica is truly a bonding experience.) After exciting and active days on your Antarctica expedition, you’ll enjoy some time to wind down during the Drake Passage. Rest and relax but be sure to keep your eye out for whales!
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You’ll taste some of Argentina’s finest vintages when you visit the capital city.

Courtesy of Kensington ToursCourtesy of Kensington Tours

Day 13:Sip Fine Argentinian Wine in Buenos Aires

As your cruise comes to a close with a morning disembarkation, bid farewell to the expedition crew. Join a shared transfer from the port to the airport and board your jet back to Buenos Aires. As with your initial arrival, an English-speaking guide will be waiting for you outside of customs with a sign with your name on it. Your representative will help you meet up with your private driver and accompany you to your accommodations.

After checking into your hotel, trade your trekking gear for dinner clothes—you’ll toast your return to Buenos Aires with a wine and cheese tasting at Duhau Restaurante & Vinoteca. A private driver will escort you and an on-site sommelier will assist you. Enjoy a tasting menu featuring three wine samples (you’ll be choosing from more than 7,000 bottles of Argentinian wine—including the finest Malbecs in the country—from upwards of 500 different labels), paired with fine cheeses, dried fruits, homemade bread, and marmalades. With a newfound understanding of the nuances of these world-class vintages, your driver will take you back to your hotel.

View of Iguazú Falls from Brazil

Photo by Jaime Dantas/Unsplash

Day 14:Travel to Iguazú Falls

After a seamless transport with an English-speaking guide, relax on your direct flight from Buenos Aires to the world-famous Iguazú Falls, one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World. As with the other travel days, enjoy a private transfer between the airport and Iguazú with a professional driver and English-speaking guide. After checking into your hotel, set out on The Argentine Experience, designed to give you an introduction to the best of Argentinian cuisine and culture. During this fun experience, you’ll meet and dine with people from all over the world.

After being picked up at your hotel and transferred to the venue, located in Puerto Iguazú, an international team will take you through every step of this epicurean journey. Choose from gourmet fillings and create your own empanada, learning the traditional Argentinian repulgue crimping/folding technique. Enjoy what many claim to be the very best steak in Argentina, cooked to order and accompanied with velvety mashed potatoes and oven-roasted vegetables.

Try your hand at shaking some local cocktails and learn about wine throughout the dinner—all while enjoying generous samples. (Vegetarian, pescatarian, and celiac options are available upon request, as well as non-alcoholic beverage options.) For dessert, it’s the chef’s choice, but that doesn’t conclude your meal. Your culinary odyssey has one last surprise, learning the history and etiquette of maté, Argentina’s national beverage, which you can sip after it’s prepared from scratch. At the end of the evening, you’ll be transferred back to your hotel.
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A waterfall with green plants and blue sky

Courtesy of Kensington Tours

Day 15:Marvel at Iguazú Falls

Today you will experience the Argentinian side of the great Iguazú Falls from Misiones, the area that borders Brazil. After being picked up by your English-speaking guide, you will be transferred to Iguazú National Park to board a small intra-park train to the first above-water platforms. Gaze at the scenery as you wind your way along this intricate path system to the imposing “Garganta del Diablo” (Devil’s Throat). This awe-inspiring section of the falls funnels 50 percent of the overall flow into a narrow section, letting out a deep roar and a huge amount of mist. While the Devil’s Throat is closer to the Brazilian side, the Argentinians created an expansive and elevated walkway that allows visitors to position themselves right above the action. At the end of the tour, you will be returned to your hotel for dinner and a good night’s sleep.
World famous waterfall Cataratas - Foz do Iguaçu at the border of Brazil and Argentina.

A group of people standing on Iguazú Falls over a river

Courtesy of Kensington Tours

Day 16-17The Brazilian Side of Iguazú Falls

Brazil awaits on your trip’s final full day. Meet your guide and professional driver at your hotel for a short transfer to Foz de Iguassu National Park across the Brazilian border. At the beginning of the footpath, stop for a moment to take in the sweeping view. Unlike the Argentinian side, most of the falls on the Brazilian side seem farther away—however, this allows for a stunning panoramic perspective, perfect for snapping outstanding photos.

The walkways on the Brazilian side are short but impactful, giving you the sensation that you are walking on the edge of the waterfalls themselves, looking over the railings into the flowing depths. At the end of the platform, you’ll find yourself right in the heart of the Devil’s Throat. From here, feel the raw and natural power of these incredible surroundings. You’ll have a lot to talk about over your final dinner at the hotel or a nearby hotspot, before preparing for the next morning’s flight home.
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