Immerse Yourself in Colombia’s Rich, Romantic History

Enjoy everything from Cartagena’s colorful coastal lifestyle along the Caribbean to the dazzling urban vibes of Bogotá and Medellín on a trip through Colombia filled with history and culture.

El Peñón de Guatapé outside of Medellin, one of the many astounding sights you’ll marvel at on this cultural tour of Colombia

El Peñón de Guatapé outside of Medellin, one of the many astounding sights you’ll marvel at on this cultural tour of Colombia

Photo by Felipe Selgado/Unsplash

This Colombian adventure inspires travelers through its unparalleled diversity, traversing the vibrancy of Cartagena’s culture and the sophisticated and mountainous cities of Bogotá and Medellín. From journeys to a countryside coffee plantation that awakens the senses to feasting on the distinctive local specialties of Caribbean coastal cuisine and five-star fine dining found in the country’s Andean cities, you’ll experience true culinary immersion when you travel with Kensington Tours. And here, cuisine meets history, with excursions doubling as compelling deep dives into Colombia’s rich customs and traditions. What’s more, you can customize your journey according to your passions for a trip that suits you.


Trip Highlight

Colombian Coffee Tour and Tasting

Leave the bustling city of Medellín for a countryside coffee bean journey, where travelers taste their way through the unique flavors of Colombian café. Along with learning about the country’s special combination of soil, weather, and bean varieties, this personalized tour surprises the palate, with savory samples from bean to brew.

Trip Designer

Kensington Tours

With Kensington Tours, you can travel in style on personalized journeys that take travelers deeper into each location with excursions tailored to your specific desires. From active outings and culinary delights to historical immersion, Kensington Tours delivers authentic, rewarding experiences thanks to its deep local connections for memories that will last a lifetime.
An aerial view of the Monserrate Mountain over Bogotá

An aerial view of the Monserrate Mountain over Bogotá

Photo by Gabriel Porras/Unsplash

Day 1-2Explore Bogotá and its Salt Cathedral

Your stay in the Colombian capital of Bogotá begins the day after your arrival with a private guided tour led by an English-speaking guide. First, you’ll explore the unique Salt Cathedral in the nearby city of Zipaquira, where worship and mining seamlessly co-exist. The famous cathedral—an underground architectural masterpiece—is one of this predominantly Catholic country’s most beloved national treasures. Descending into the near darkness while passing the dimly lit Stations of the Cross, each sculpted by a different artist, is truly a holy experience.

After a pre-arranged traditional lunch, you’ll head back to the city to stretch your legs during a personalized walking tour of La Candelaria, the oldest part of town. Explore the Plaza Bolivar and Main Square hubs and dive into the thriving city’s history via hidden treasures off side streets that only insiders—including your guide—would know. The evening is yours to enjoy with the charming cafés and bistros of Zona Rosa, which unwinds after sunset into a vibrant nightlife destination loved by locals.
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The historic city of Medellín

Photo by Kobby Mendez/Unsplash

Day 3Discover Medellín History

A quick one-hour flight to Medellín (with private drivers whisking you between hotels and airports to make it all seamless) delivers the next stop on your Colombian journey. Your afternoon walking tour leads you through the city’s historic train yard; several signature churches; and then at last, the new Memory House Museum, which honors and remembers the victims of the violence that plagued the region throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s. Only by looking back at its brutal past can Medellín’s innovative progression into the flourishing city it is today be truly appreciated.
San Javier

The working-class neighborhood of San Javier is known for its social initiatives and hip-hop music.

Photo by Michael Pointer/Unsplash

Day 4Art and Music in Medellín

Today’s walking tour is focused on the local culture of Medellín and begins in the working-class neighborhood of San Javier. Your visit with a local guide includes learning about the area’s social initiatives, a stop in the library park, and a ride up San Javier’s famous open-air escalators that in 2011 replaced an intimidating 350 stairs up the steep hill. The view is spectacular. On lower ground, you’ll see that the region’s message of unity through education is expressed through the artistic endeavors of its youth, including hip-hop music, graffiti, breakdancing, and deejaying.

From there, reset with a break in the Botanical Garden, which is alive with more than 5,000 Latin American plant species and wildlife, and lunch in its In Situ restaurant. The fine dining hotspot has creative fare (a nice glass of wine wouldn’t be a bad idea) and offers unparalleled views of the lush greenery. Your last stop of the day will be at the Botero Plaza (near the Parque Berrio) to take in the impressive bronze sculptures by Medellín native Fernando Botero.

Colombian coffee beans like these can be tasted on coffee plantation tours.

Photo by Michael Pointer/Unsplash

Day 5Visit the Coffee Farm, Hacienda Ora Molido

A 90-minute trip in an authentic Willy Jeep takes you a world away from the big city for a countryside coffee journey. Colombia is world renowned for its excellent java and a visit to one of its most esteemed coffee plantations is an excellent way to awaken your taste buds and become better acquainted with some important traditions and techniques. At Hacienda Ora Molido, a local farmhand will take you on a coffee voyage through the planting, picking, roasting, and of course, tasting. In the afternoon, enjoy an on-premises, farm-fresh lunch prepared by the working farm’s chef, who serves plentiful dishes of Colombian cuisine that incorporate vegetables and herbs right from his garden.

Colorful Cartagena is known for its nightlife.

Photo by reiseuhu/Unsplash

Day 6Spa Treatments and Salsa Dancing in Coastal Cartagena

After arriving in the brightly hued town of Cartagena, get ready for a fabulous night out. In Cartagena, the music starts at sundown, when the Caribbean coastal town takes on a whole new livelier vibe. So as dusk settles in, meet your evening tour walking guide and set out for an experience filled with music and dancing. The local insider knows all the best spots, and you’ll visit three for a bona fide peek into Cartagena’s nightlife. Though the venues may vary based on the timing of your visit, a common first stop is Café del Mar, an open-air cocktail lounge located atop the historic city walls with stunning views of the city skyline and the Caribbean. After your pre-dinner drink there, you’ll dine at one of the local eateries, choosing (ahead of time) among Peruvian, Italian, Japanese, and Colombian cuisine. Your nightcap will be at the world-famous Café Havana, for live music and salsa dancing.

Visiting Cartagena markets for grocery shopping can yield colorful surprises.

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel/Unsplash

Day 7-8Explore Cartagena’s Caribbean Cuisine and Sail the Caribbean Sea

Gain fascinating insight into the Indigenous culinary world of Cartagena’s Caribbean coast on an epicurean tour that begins in the town’s labyrinthine central market, Mercado Bazurto. A local chef will help guide you through the bounteous stalls of fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables to select the ingredients required to cook a typical local lunch that you’ll later create together in a private colonial house. Your cooking adventure begins with a refreshing Colombian soda to revive you after the beautiful chaos of the market. Then, be prepared to learn from a culinary master—skills you can bring home with you—before digging into the delicious dishes you’ve helped make yourself. Savor every bite of the distinctive flavors of the Indigenous flavor profile.

The last full day of your Colombian adventure deserves a boat ride on the Caribbean Sea, the best way to take in the salty air and really explore the northern coast of this fascinatingly diverse country. For your spectacular exploration of the 23 coral islands that make up the Rosario Islands, you will be picked up from your hotel by a private guide, who will take you to the nearby Santa Cruz Pier. There, a private motorboat awaits with your captain and a selection of drinks and snacks.

As you set off, know that it will be an eco-friendly visit. The Rosario Islands are one of Colombia’s 46 National Nature Parks, a designation that protects its important coral reefs and rich marine habitat that’s one of the most diverse marine ecosystems in all of Colombia. The park has an extension of nearly 297,000 marine and land acres and is associated with marine pastures, mangroves, and numerous species of algae, as well as a variety of animals that feed the coral and fish life that inhabit the reefs. To get there, enjoy an hour of on-the-water bliss through the Bahia de Cartagena and then into the open sea, passing through the Bocachica Strait between the colonial forts of Batería de San José and Fuerte de San Fernando. After lunch in one of the islands’ restaurants, relax on the beach or take a walk along the coast. This is an exclusive transport and guide service; however, please be prepared to share the beach and the restaurant facilities with other guests and day-trippers.

On your departure day, you’ll set out for the Cartagena Airport, approximately 30 minutes away, with a private driver and English-speaking guide, as you bid farewell to this enchanting country.
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