Take a Peek at Our Holiday Wish Lists

The gifts that AFAR staffers have their fingers crossed for this season

Take a Peek at Our Holiday Wish Lists

We’ve given you suggestions of what to get for just about anyone on your list. We can tell you the camera the budding photographers on your list want, the fantastic new suitcase travel-lovers are going crazy over, and the best reads for bookworms to curl up with. But official recommendations aside, what’s REALLY on our lists? From sales to editorial to tech, here is what we at AFAR are hoping to open this year.

Home improvements:

“I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed for a Sonos Home Theater System, which would allow us to have music throughout the house—and different music in each room! The kids would love this!” —Lisa Radler, Audience Development Director

“I’ve been dreaming of having a little bar station in my apartment for months now, but have been needing the funds to fill it up with all the fancy alcohol an adult bar deserves. So I’m hoping for a few different bottles that relate to some of my travels (armchair ones included): A bottle of St. Germain (a favorite of mine that also reminds me of my time in Paris), Becherovka after a boozy weekend in Prague, Campari for my insatiable love of Italian negronis, and Amaro Braulio after reading about it in AFAR (it had me at ‘forest in a bottle’).” —Juliette San Fillipo, Associate Marketing Manager

Practical presents:

“I’d love to start the new year with a shoulder bag from Turkish designer Ayzit Bostan. It’s large enough for my sketchbook and will allow my hands to be free for mobile photography.”Anne Nguyen, Senior Visual/UX Designer

“This year I’m hoping for world peace, and also flannel pajamas.” —Jill Greenwood, Director of Experiences

“I want a single pair of boots to ‘rule them all,’ since we don’t really have space for, well, anything in our tiny house, and multi-use stuff is the way forward. I suspect this means decent leather hiking boots that will be equally at home bashing through the rain and mud around our house as on the trail; and which maybe, just maybe, will dress up enough to feel acceptable with jeans in a decent restaurant. I’m open to any suggestions and recommendations.” —Nick Rowlands, Guides Editor

“This messenger bag, which comes with a built-in battery that will charge all sorts of devices. Its various pockets even have a variety built-in connectors.” —Sherry Jin, Lead Engineer

Just for fun:

“There are a few things on my list that don’t necessarily serve the most practical use, like a robot lamp or build-it-yourself 3D masks, but needless to say, I want them. This leather carry-on suitcase, on the other hand, is practical and still equally cool.” —Cricket Wallace, Software Engineer

“Camera equipment takes priority on my 2015 holiday wish list. I just invested in a Canon Mark II body, which is arguably one of the best for travel photography. Now I have my eye on the Tamron 24mm-70mm F/2.8 lens. I can’t wait to capture the vibrant colors of Morocco (I leave in two weeks!) with my new gear.” —Michaela Trimble, Brand Manager

“Rain-free weather to make for great hiking in the California redwoods.” —Lou LaGrange, Business Development Director: Content Licensing

“I have been wanting Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert!” —Katie Galeotti, Marketing & Special Projects Director

The one you don’t yet know you want:

“The gift I’ll be giving all my martini- and negroni-loving friends and family members this year: the newly released Essential New York Times Book of Cocktails. It’s full of lovely, personal short essays on the subject of booze, and many traditional and original twists on spirited recipes.” —Julia Cosgrove, VP, Editor in Chief

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