Photo Courtesy of Swedish Institute and Visit Sweden
Gothenburg is one of the best destinations in the Nordic countries for families. Next door to the centrally located amusement park Liseberg is the Universeum science and nature museum, with sharks, rain forest, and other attractions for children to explore. Both Liseberg and Universeum are on the costly side, so plan to spend enough time to get your money’s worth. Public museums like the City Museum of Gothenburg and the Maritime Museum and Aquarium also have excellent sections for kids. The city center is quite small and easy to get around by foot or by tram, which can be an adventure in itself for the young ones. The beach is just a tram ride away, and access to forest and lakes is similarly easy. Sweden is very child friendly in general. The country has generous rules for parental leave (you get to stay at home with your newborn for up to 480 days, shared between the mother and the father) and restaurants and cafés are used to children and prams—and of course they all have high chairs for babies.