Our New Podcast Is the Perfect Way to Travel Right Now

At a time when most Americans are staying close to home, our new podcast brings the magic of travel to you.

Our New Podcast Is the Perfect Way to Travel Right Now

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What if I were to tell you there’s a way to travel—right now—without dealing with planes, passports, or even leaving your home? Well, grab your headphones because now you can, courtesy of Travel Tales by AFAR.

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Each week on the podcast, we’ll meet a different storyteller: someone who took a trip and learned something monumental from it. This podcast has been many months in the making. But I can’t imagine a better time to launch it. At a moment when many of us are still sticking close to home, Travel Tales by AFAR allows us—whether we’re cooking, walking, or driving—to explore the surprises and delights of the world.

We’ll roll out an episode each Thursday morning, so be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

Here’s what’s up first:

Episode 1: Why Did I Bring a Teenager to Venice?

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She thinks it’ll be great. Contributing writer Emma John loved the trip she took to Venice as a teenager with a worldly family friend. So when it comes time to return the favor—to introduce that friend’s 13-year-old daughter to the wonders of the Floating City—Emma jumps at the chance. What could possibly go wrong?

Episode 2: There’s No Place Like Kansas City

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Comedian and Fake the Nation host Negin Farsad is a native New Yorker. So we figured, why not send her on a quick trip to America’s Heartland? Listen as Negin befriends strangers, eats ribs, and talks her way onto a comedy club stage where she tries to find out what makes the city laugh—and what makes it a little uncomfortable. Oh, and did we mention she was nearly seven months pregnant?

Episode 3: A Blind Man’s Trip Will Change the Way You Think About Safaris

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What can a blind man get out of a safari? That was the question we posed to contributing writer Ryan Knighton who lost his sight years ago, but not his sense of adventure or his sense of humor. In search of an answer, Ryan follows his nose like a rhino, eats like an elephant (well, kinda), and shows how memories are made in the mind’s eye.

Travel Tales by AFAR is produced by BOOM Integrated, a division of John Marshall Media. You can find episodes, read the stories that inspired them, and discover other stories of transformative trips on our Travel Tales home page or by using our RSS feed.

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Aislyn Greene is the associate director of podacsts at AFAR, where she produces the Unpacked by AFAR podcast and hosts AFAR’s Travel Tales podcast. She lives on a houseboat in Sausalito.