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Following the Road to Wellness in the Cayman Islands
There is something about sea air and sunshine that makes many of us feel instantly better. It perhaps explains why, since antiquity, people have traveled to the seashore in pursuit of wellness. It’s a tradition that continues to this day in the Cayman Islands, one of the most beautiful sun-kissed archipelagos in the Caribbean. If your fitness routine could use a kickstart or if you think some tropical fruits and fish straight from the sea would be an improvement over your current diet, then you’ll want to book an island getaway today. Here is our itinerary to a trip to the Cayman Islands with health and wellness at its heart. On this trip, you likely will return home not only with some sand in your suitcase, but a healthy glow too.
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    Day 1
    Arrive in Grand Cayman
    After you land in Grand Cayman, you’ll make your way to your home for the next four nights, the Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa. Thanks to the 7,000-square-foot Hibiscus Spa, the state-of-the-art Westin Workout Fitness Studio, and the Red Sail Sports Desk, the resort can arrange everything from a facial to a standup paddle-boarding excursion. It all adds up to being an ideal base as you combine a tropical escape with pursuing a new healthier you.

    After a swim in the resort pool and booking treatments at the spa, walk a few hundred meters along the beach to Luca for dinner. While it wouldn’t be accurate to describe the menu as spa cuisine, many of the dishes make for a gentle transition into eating lighter, with a selection of salads, grilled shrimp, and fresh fish dishes. The restaurant also has gluten-free options at both lunch and dinner. The view of Seven Mile Beach and the Caribbean Sea will further inspire you to experience some of the 300+ days of sunshine that the islands enjoy each year.
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    Day 2
    Get Out on the Water
    Part of keeping a fitness routine fresh includes adopting new sports and activities. If you have yet to try standup paddle-boarding, the gentle waters along Seven Mile Beach are an ideal place to give the popular activity a try. Combining a serious cardio workout along with core stability and improving balancing skills, it’s a fun and low-impact sport. The sports desk at the Westin can get you up on your feet while there are also several independent companies on Seven Mile Beach that rent boards and provide instruction too.

    After your morning workout, visit one of Grand Cayman’s tastiest restaurants for lunch: Islands Natural Café. With their savory wraps in whole-wheat tortillas and bowls with decidedly Caymanian twists (green coconut curry and mango chipotle curry are among the options), eating your vegetables is a pleasure here.

    In the afternoon, drop in at Bliss Yoga. This studio has a busy schedule of classes and visitors to Grand Cayman are welcome to pay for single classes or, if you expect to take a few during your visit, there are discounted five- and ten-packs. Bliss can also arrange private classes on the beach.

    You’ll dine tonight at Anchor & Den, at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort. The sashimi and ceviche on the menu are ideal if you are on a high-protein/low-carb regime, while the handcrafted sodas are decidedly adult—grapefruit & rosemary and tangerine & juniper are among the options. You won’t feel like you are giving up any fun if you are cutting out the empty calories from alcohol. Another popular choice is Agua, with an innovative menu that includes both Italian and Peruvian specialties.
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    Day 3
    Journey to Rum Point
    Today join a trip by boat to Rum Point, on the north coast of the island. Here you’ll be able to work off some calories while learning about the animals of Grand Cayman. At Stingray City, you can snorkel with the namesake animals along two sandbars. Your tour will also include nearby Starfish Point, where colorful starfish dot the sand beneath the clear, shallow waters here. Afterwards you’ll spend some time on Rum Point itself, where the calm water makes it ideal for swimmers regardless of ability—or you can snooze in a hammock or right on the sand under a palm tree if you prefer. After all, getting enough sleep is an important part of any wellness regime too.

    For dinner tonight, enjoy a sunset view paired with “Food for Your Soul” at Vivo. The menu at this restaurant is proudly homemade, organic, and farm-to-table. Among some of the dishes you may not try anywhere else, the lionfish cakes and lionfish curry are delicious and good for the environment too—encouraging the consumption of the fish is helping to control their populations and limit the damage caused by this invasive species.
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    Photo By Eco Rides Cayman
    Day 4
    Cycle Around the East End
    Today you’ll travel to the east end of the island. On a 4- to 4.5-hour tour with Eco Rides Cayman, you’ll see some of the rugged coastline and quiet fishing villages of the less developed East End. Midway along the tour you’ll stop at Grapetree Cove, where you’ll refuel with some coconut water fresh from a tree.

    After your tour is over, stop at the Greenhouse in George Town for a late lunch/early dinner at this restaurant that is committed to using local ingredients and reducing their carbon footprint. They can cater to almost every sort of requirement including gluten-free and paleo diets and while there are lots of veggie options, carnivores can choose from items like pulled pork, jerk chicken, and the catch of the day.
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    Day 5
    Explore Cayman Brac
    This morning you’ll take a quick, 30-minute flight to Cayman Brac, a 14-square mile island that is world-famous for its diving. You’ll spend the night at the Cayman Brac Beach Resort. Even if you aren’t a certified diver, snorkelers can also enjoy the water’s remarkable clarity—it’s not unusual to be able to see distances of 100 to 150 feet. You’ll share the water with around 500 different types of marine life, including reef sharks, sea turtles, and stingrays. The island’s reefs are made up of some 100 different types of coral, both hard and soft ones.

    On dry land there are 35 marked trails to explore, on foot or bike (the resort has bikes available). And the island is also famous for its many caves, if you want to add spelunking to your fitness regimen.
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    Day 6
    A Visit to Little Cayman
    This morning you’ll take another puddle jumper to Little Cayman. The name is fitting—it’s the smallest of the three main Cayman Islands, measuring only ten miles long and about a mile wide. The population is around 200 people—indigenous iguanas far outnumber humans here.

    Perhaps needless to say, you aren’t coming to Little Cayman for the museums (though there is a small and interesting one) or shopping. Instead the appeal of the island is to see an entirely unspoiled corner of the Caribbean, where the iguanas have the right of way on the one road that encircles the island. It’s up to you how to explore this island paradise, by bike, kayak, standup paddle-board, or on foot. As with Cayman Brac, if you are a certified diver, you have likely ended up here because of some of the world-famous dive sites, and there are some excellent snorkeling ones too.

    There are only a handful of hotels on the island: You’ll spend the night at the 40-room Little Cayman Resort.
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    Day 7
    Return Home
    From Little Cayman, you’ll fly back to Grand Cayman and from there continue your journey home. While you may be leaving the islands behind, hopefully you’ll be returning with a priceless souvenir—a new resolve to stay active and eat well.