Jane Ubell-Meyer

AFAR Contributor

Jane Ubell-Meyer, has been a successful television and film producer and entrepreneur. She comes from three generations of entrepreneurs. She learned how to build a business by following her father at a very young age to tradeshows, working side by side in his office and augmenting her work ethic from her years at Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Wall Street Journal Television, Hearst Magazines and as a film producer in Hollywood. Her entrepreneurial roadmap led her to create a successful beauty PR firm in New York City, The Jane Group. The company folded after 9/11—at which point Jane had to reinvent herself. Her culminated experiences led her and a partner to create one of the first companies in the world to monetize gift bags. That company, Buzz Bags, was created with a partner in 2002 and became the first company to create and distribute books and products in The Hamptons. Upon its launch, the company was covered in the New York Times. Eventually, Jane took the company “solo,” and rebranded Buzz Bags and launched Madison & Mulholland, Inc. in 2004. Jane has since been featured in a wide variety of news and entertainment media such as Entrepreneur and Time magazines among others. KTTV-LA television host Rob Weller dubbed her the “goodie bag guru.” She was a regular red carpet guest on Fox & Friends during every major award show, including the Oscars, Emmys, etc. for over 6 years. She was a favorite guest of Joan Rivers during her TV Guide coverage of the Emmys. Her company also placed products on airlines, continued on in the Hamptons and ultimately entered the star-studded glitzy world of Hollywood’s awards season—she created celebrity gifting lounges and experiences in Hollywood, Cannes, New York, Miami, Houston and other cities. Including gifting Emmy, Oscar, Golden Globe winners and nominees and celebrities until 2017. She also created an elite gifting experience at one of President Obama’s first inaugural galas. Her clients have included United Airlines, American Airlines and Virgin America, Universal Studios, the GRAMMY foundation, and Entrepreneur Magazine among so many others.

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