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Photo by Amalia Nita/AFAR.com.

The scent of spring is finally in the air here in San Francisco, and we’ve been hard at work putting together travel guides for cities and countries around the world, and, well, it’s hard not to be tempted to put our work to good use. So, this week, we got to thinking—if we put together the ultimate guide to playing hooky in San Francisco, shared it to Pinterest, and boosted our following there to the 100k mark, would our bosses actually let us take the day off? We’re pretty sure that we convinced them because we picked some incredible places. For example, getting the day started on the edge of the Pacific Ocean—who wouldn’t want to do that? Naturally, we’d need to fire ourselves up for a busy day with a quality cup of coffee, and given that we’re talking San Francisco here, that’s never too far away. We figure we’ll already be in trouble for skipping work, but we’ll really be in Trouble (Coffee Company) before the morning is done if we have our way.

The best kind of trouble

The best kind of trouble

Being that it’s a beautiful day, our next move will be a hike through Golden Gate Park and around the Bay Area Ridge Trail, where we’ll catch a different view of the Golden Gate Bridge, and later snake our way through the Presidio along Andy Goldsworthy’s “Wood Line.” All this running around will of course require some form of sustenance, which is why we’re headed to B. Patisserie for what some San Franciscans consider to be the best baguette this side of the Left Bank. Along the way, we’ll stop in and check out some of the cool kit at Park Life—you never know what you’ll wind up finding there, but it’s typically something you never knew you needed. Once the afternoon rolls around, there’s nothing like the “Full House” view to set the tone for the evening. We’ll head up to Alamo Square with a beverage of some kind, and maybe even some cheese from Cowgirl Creamery. When we start feeling reflective, we’ll head down to North Beach, and browse through one of the city’s most revered bookstores, City Lights, where we’ll channel Kerouac and look forward to finding out what lies ahead “on the road.”

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Can't beat a buck for an oyster!

Can’t beat a buck for an oyster!

Since we’ve been walking all day, it might be time to pick up speed—we’ll head to Public Bikes on Valencia, and cruise on two-wheels to one of the city’s most intriguing non-profits—the Pirate Supply Store. Because, you know, by this time we’ll probably be feeling like swashbuckling our way into the night. And what better way for a pirate to do that than with a dozen oysters? Good thing we know just the place. Further channeling our piratical leanings, we’ll high-tail it over to Bourbon and Branch—a San Francisco speakeasy. Fortunately, we’ll know the password to get in, being that we’re so resourceful, and after a few of the city’s best cocktails, we’ll head down to the Embarcadero just in time to catch the sunset from Pier 7—a beautiful ending to an epic day on the town. If that sounds cool, then you can help make it happen! We’ve got a goal of 100k Pinterest followers—would you be willing to help us reach these lofty heights?