How to Make the Best 2016 Travel Resolution

AFAR staffers have some inspirational goals this year

How to Make the Best 2016 Travel Resolution

2016 is the year that we refuse to let our new year’s resolutions be boring. “Travel more” is a great goal, but just like the ubiquitous “go to the gym,” it’s the kind of resolution you can review in 12 months, decide that two trips home was good enough, and check that one off the list. Resolution fulfilled.

That’s why, this year, we’re getting specific about our resolutions, and you can, too. Has countless hours of browsing @afarmedia’s Instagram inspired you to focus on taking better pictures? Maybe one too many oversize baggage charges has you determined to master the art of packing the perfect bag. Perhaps you have resolved to go to the gym more, but it’s because you’ll be training to hike the Annapurna Circuit. Even if your forseeable travel plans don’t include any a big trips, this could be the year to buy a piggy bank, label it “Tasmania,” and start saving for that next big trip. Here are a few travel resolutions from AFAR staffers for more inspiration:

Go somewhere to practice a foreign language

“My 2016 travel resolution is to go to at least two cities (or countries) I haven’t been to before but have always wanted to see. Next up: Nicaragua to surf the waves and to practice Español!"—Erin Jeffry, Marketing Coordinator

Know before you go

“I’m going to be better about planning, but not just in terms of logistics. Far too often I find myself in a new country with a list of things to see and realize I just haven’t read enough about the culture and history of the place to really get under its skin. This year, that’s going to change."—Maggie Fuller, Digital Content Intern

Stop stressing about the bucket list

“This year I resolve to skip the bucket list options and, instead, choose travel based on the people and friends I know around the world."—Lou LaGrange, Business Development Director: Content Licensing

Explore more closer to home

“My 2016 travel resolution is to see more of the United States, especially the national and state parks. My recent trip through Utah and Arizona was mind-blowing, and I want more!"—Nick Rowlands, Guides Editor

Ditch your comfort zone

“I’m so in love with Latin America. It’s my preferred area of the world to travel for many reasons. I love the languages, the vibrant cultures, and the music and dances (samba and bachata are my favorites!). But my travel resolution for 2016 is to explore more of our world. That’s why I’m packing my bags for Morocco next week. I can’t wait to explore the casbahs in Tangiers and the spice markets in Marrakesh, ride camels in the Sahara Desert, trek in the Atlas Mountains, and wander through Chefchaouene, the blue city."—Michaela Trimble, Brand Manager

See it in person

“My travel resolution for 2016 is to go to Liverpool to watch a soccer match. I’m a big Liverpool fan, and going to their historic stadium has always been a dream of mine! Oh, and I also plan to explore other parts of the U.K. ,too."—Yue Weng Mak, Rails Developer

Find an excuse to connect with your roots

“My 6-year-old son is long overdue for a visit to India to meet his great-grandmother and extended family, so a definite goal for 2016 is to make the journey to Mysore!"—Bryan Kinkade, Associate Publisher

Finally take the trip you’ve been talking about forever

“I resolve to take that long-deferred road trip through the North American Rockies, to return to Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar), and make plans, at least, to explore Andalusian Spain."—Derk Richardson, Senior Editor

Maggie Fuller is a San Francisco–based but globally oriented writer driven to provoke multicultural worldviews as a multimedia journalist. She covers sustainability, responsible travel, and outdoor adventure.