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Zanzibar to do

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Zanzibar, Tanzania
“Oh, look, it's a spicy chicken innit?” Ali T exclaims in a rather ridiculous cockney accent as he points at a hen scurrying amongst the foliage. My son belly laughs excitedly, he has actually managed to make a spice tour exciting for a four year...
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Tanzania, Jambiani, Mbuyuni
Along the South East coast, the beach is dotted with ngalawas - local fisherboat with a sail and outriggers. Organise a snorkeling trip out towards the reef, or a sunset cruise along the shores - the sailing over the turquoise blue waters, soaking...
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Suicide Alley, Zanzibar, Tanzania
The crumbling architecture of Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the town’s carved doors are one of its most recognizable features. I spent a lot of time searching for the door of Swahili merchant Tippu Tip, a notorious 19th-century...
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Jambiani, Tanzania
At first glance, Jambiani is a quiet beach town, with bright turquoise waters. At low tide, however, the beach transforms into a hub of activity. Locals head out to harvest seaweed from their underwater plots. Swimming here is not as easy as the...