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After an long day of sitting through several scientific talks at the conference at the Accra, we all embarked with drinks in hand to sail the coast of Barbados by evening. Our tour, Le Tigre, was an awesome group of local guys who sailed us to...
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Bridgetown, Barbados

Rum is king in Barbados. While the Mount Gay rum distillery is in the north, guests in Bridgetown can learn all about centuries’ worth of rum production at the Mount Gay Visitor Centre. Of course, a tasting is part of any visit....

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Allen View, Barbados

Located in the center of Barbados in the highlands, the Harrison's Cave underground system of rivers and caves is one of the Caribbean’s great natural wonders. Visitors tour deep inside the crystallized limestone caverns via small...

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Sam Lord's Castle, Belair, Barbados
Sadly, the infamous castle by the island's famous buccaneer caught fire in 2010. I never seemed to find time in previous visits to see it in its splendor which makes me appreciate historical sites more. You never know when a fire or disaster will...
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The Boardwalk Main Road, Highway 7, Bridgetown, Barbados
On my most recent visit, I arrived at Tapas just after the lunch rush. The hustle and bustle had just died down — leaving me and my traveling companions free to enjoy the sounds of the waves coming ashore just beyond the dining room and more...
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Bathsheba, Barbados
Too often us intrepid experiential travelers can get caught up in the whole effort of trying to do it all. "I must explore this off-the-map place!" "I have to try this exotic dish!" It's easy to forget that sometimes the best way to get to know a...
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Holetown, Barbados
After a delightful tour of the Mount Gay Rum Distillery, we walked our tipsy selves back through Bridgetown, stopping at every stall to inspect the local fruits and veggies. One thing we don't find nearly as often in Puerto Rico is soursop (sugar...
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Northpoint, Conneltown BB27003, Barbados
Like most place in Barbados, the Animal Flower Cave is nearly impossible to find. There are no street signs anywhere on the island (seriously) and directions are usually given with instruction like "turn left at the second red rum shack." Most...
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Oistins, Barbados
Oistins Fish Fry - Christ Church, Barbados. Can't lie about this place. If your plans don't include a Friday night, stay over!!! This Friday night Fish Fry is unlike anything you've ever seen. Dozens of stalls cooking great local food, music, and...