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Wild Western Tanzania

A road less traveled, this region is worth the difficult journey. Whether you're trekking for the chimpanzees of Gombe, standing amid the rain forest of Ngozi Crater rim peering into a deep lagoon, basking on the pristine sandy shores of Lake Tanganyika, or standing in an explosion of wildflowers stretching as far as the eye can see, Western Tanzania is nature's paradise, vastly untouched by roads or other tourists.
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Gombe Stream National Park is home to the Gombe Stream Research Center. Founded in 1967, it is a living laboratory, and a testament to the pioneering research and conservation efforts conducted by Jane Goodall on behalf of the park’s...
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Lake Tanganyika
Tom Lithgow invites guests to his 130-acre island on Lake Tanganyika. Thirteen thatched-roof bungalows guarantee privacy; scuba gear and helicopter trips to Kalambo Falls guarantee fun.
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This island’s chimpanzee population has long attracted zoologists. Now, visitors can play Jane Goodall at Rubondo Island Camp’s eight cottages. An extensive library and talks by chimp researchers enhance the experience. From $620. 27/(0) 21-418-...
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Mwanza, Tanzania
To visit Mwanza is to head off the traditional tourist trail of Tanzania. Here, on the coast of Lake Victoria, commercial ships fish for Nile perch and sardinesthat will be sold across Africa; every year Tanzanians flocktoMwanza for work...
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Most incredible experience, following the Mahale chimps! Three days at Mahale, chimp trekking, fishing, swimming, kayaking - loved it!