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Where to Shop around The Westin Sanya Haitang Bay Resort

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Situated at the southern tip of Hainan—often referred to as "the Hawaii of China"—Sanya is a resort boomtown that offers great weather, beautiful beaches, plenty of water sports, and an abundance of tropical fruit and seafood.
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Hong Qi Jie, Tianya Qu, Sanya Shi, Hainan Sheng, China, 572000
There's a different set of rules when you go on a beach vacation. For example, it's not just allowed, but practically mandatory to buy a tacky $5 shirt in a colorful flower print. An oversized hat to protect from the sun and some shell jewelry can...
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Sanya, China
When souvenir shopping in Sanya, try to buy something from the older men and women who peddle trinkets down by the beach. Chances are that this is their only source of income, and they may have even collected the shells and strung them together...
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518 Jiefang Rd, Tianya Qu, Sanya Shi, Hainan Sheng, China, 572000
Sanya is known for its pearls. They are considered to be the highest quality in all of China, so this is not the place to go discount shopping: Pearls at GN Pearl, a reputable pearl shop, cost 500–15,000RMB. If you are just looking for something...
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33 Hairun Rd, Tianya Qu, Sanya Shi, Hainan Sheng, China, 572000
Did you know that Chiarman Mao's coffin was built with Hainan crystal? So it's no surprise that Sanya is famous for its crystals. Everyone here also says that crystals have health benefits, if you believe in that sort of thing. Since convincing...
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Jiyang, Sanya, China
I really liked stopping in this museum. It's a fun place, especially to take kids. Even if you only spend a half-hour or so there, make sure to see the world's largest shell (supposedly). The gift shop is a great place to buy inexpensive shells...
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1 Haiyun Rd, Jiyang Qu, Sanya Shi, Hainan Sheng, China
Many of us have those overwhelming moments while traveling when we say, "That's it! I can't deal!" We run off to hide somewhere familiar for an hour, to recover from the culture shock. If this happens to you, Summer Mall is your best bet. It's a...
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Haitang Rd, Haitang Qu, Sanya Shi, Hainan Sheng, China
Shopping for luxury goods in China isn't usually much fun—a steep luxury tax normally sends Mainlanders overseas to get their fix. Happily, the largest duty-free shopping mall in the world opened in August 2014 near Perfume Bay. Thousands of...