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Where to Shop around The Westin Fuzhou Minjiang

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Located in the beautiful Min River Valley between Shanghai and Hong Kong, Fuzhou has maintained its influence as an international port and multicultural center. With numerous hot springs, temples, museums, markets, and day trips to wilderness, it's a dream for visitors.
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Wu Yi Nan Lu, TaiJiang ShangQuan, Taijiang Qu, Fuzhou Shi, Fujian Sheng, China
Lacquering by hand is an art form made famous by artists in Fuzhou, who have mastered the local technique of "bodiless lacquerware," invented during the Qing Dynasty. This process involves complicated construction with clay, plaster, or wood,...
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China, Fujian, Fuzhou Shi, Cangshan Qu, 复园路12 邮政编码: 350007
Fuzhou's Student Street Market has everything a shopper could desire, from clothes, to souvenirs, to art, and more. With a plethora of street vendors and local restaurants, there is an endless world of culinary treats to explore. Student Street is...
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21 Xianta St, DongJieKou ShangQuan, Gulou Qu, Fuzhou Shi, Fujian Sheng, China, 350011
Most areas of the city can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty but have been modernized. On Bayiqi road, though, you'll find yourself in one of the older and more immersive shopping districts in Fuzhou. With walking streets and entire roads that...
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Gongye Rd, LiMing ShangQuan, Taijiang Qu, Fuzhou Shi, Fujian Sheng, China, 350004
The Baolong City Plaza is much more than a shopping mall. Inside, you'll find the expected little shops, but in addition they boast an international cinema, hanging artworks, a five-story department store, and a two-floor grocery store. However,...
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Ba Yi Qi Bei Lu, Gulou Qu, Fuzhou Shi, Fujian Sheng, China, 350001
Restaurants are peppered through Bayiqi Road (or 817 Road), and after a bowl of ramen you'll want to wander the area searching for shops selling Fuzhou oil paper umbrellas. Intricately hand-painted with classic Chinese designs, intended to provide...
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8 Xiyang Rd, NanMen ShangQuan, Taijiang Qu, Fuzhou Shi, Fujian Sheng, China, 350004
Situated among Chinese and Western-style buldings, the Chating (茶亭) shopping district is perfect for picking up handicrafts and all other retail goods. While a few shops used to sell local products, like these traditional combs created from the...
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China, Fujian, Fuzhou Shi, Gulou Qu, HuanXiHu ShangQuan, Yangqiao E Rd, 8号利嘉大广场 邮政编码: 350001
The Chinese consider there to be three treasures of Fuzhou traditional arts and crafts: cork pictures, ox combs, and lacquer work. You can find them most anywhere, but department stores, like Dong Bai or Dong Jie Kou, will carry some of the finest...