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Where to Drink around The Westin Valencia

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Spain's third largest city, Valencia is best known for paella. Founded as a Roman colony in 138 BC, Valencia's boasts a 169-acre historic center packed with historic monuments, unique shops, bars and eateries, and it's all just minutes from the beach.
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Carrer del Comte d'Almodóvar, 1, 46003 València, Valencia, Spain
The baroque decor at Café de las Horas makes it a favorite among Valencianos for a cocktail (or two) before hitting clubs such as the indie Radio City or the Euro-style Giorgio et Enrico. Calle del Conde de Almodóvar 1, 34/963-917-336. This...
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Sample the surprising and sometimes brightly colored efforts of renowned cocktail designers, Ciro & Ciriaco. Located in Valencia's iconic Mercado de Colón, the bar also serves regular beer and soft drinks. Hours are 11 a.m. to midnight, Sunday...
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Plaça de la Reina, 6, 46001 València, Valencia, Spain
Valencia is famous for its horchata, or tiger nut milk, and Llinares Ice Cream serves a respectable version of the drink. But the daring come for outlandish ice cream flavors, from glazed doughnut to potato omelet and fresh anchovies in vinegar. ...
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46340 Requena, Valencia, Spain
Get picked up from your hotel and take a tour with Toni out into the vineyards and wineries to discover how the wonderful wine of the region is made. You’ll be able to go out to see the vines, tour the cellars with their beautiful oak barrels, and...
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Plaça de Santa Caterina, 6, 46001 València, Valencia, Spain
Sip horchata de chufa, a sweet drink made from tiger nuts—edible roots harvested from the chufa sedge plant—while seated at an elegant marble-topped table at Horchatería Santa Catalina. Coffees, sandwiches, pastries, and artisan chocolates are...
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Carrer dels Cavallers, 39, 46001 València, Valencia, Spain
Throw back inexpensive cocktails made the old-fashioned way in this cozy cafe along Valencia's well-known Cavallers Street. Two-for-one specials are typical here, and for more partnered fun, practice your best salsa and latin dance skills once...
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46002, Carrer de Vitòria, 4, 46002 València, Valencia, Spain
Select a red or white from The Ginger Loft's list of Valencian community wines, or order your favorite cocktail. For Sunday brunch, dine on perfectly smoked salmon with eggs.
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Av. l'Orxata, 41, 46120 Alboraia, Valencia, Spain
Bordering Valencia, Alboraya (Spanish) or Alboraia (Valencian) is the town where you’ll find some of the best tasting horchata—the traditional Spanish cold drink made from chufas (tiger nuts), sugar, and water. In fact, while driving to this...
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Carrer del Comte de Salvatierra, 19, 46004 València, Valencia, Spain
Stop by this gourmet chocolate shop to try the drink of the gods: Aztec-style hot chocolate. It's quite different to the usual drink you may be used to; this is a dense 80% cocoa hit that you can dip sweetened biscuits into. The shop is also the...
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46021, Carrer de Polo y Peyrolón, 3, 46021 València, Valencia, Spain
Vanity Club is big, brash, stylish, and sexy. This is the kind of place where what you're wearing matters, so make sure you dress the part. In return, you'll get to party with the beautiful people. The nightclub is frequented mostly by...