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What to do in and around The Reefs Resort & Club, Bermuda

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Situated along Bermuda's stunning South Shore, The Reefs Resort & Club makes a great home base to explore the island. Pink sand beaches, nautical beacons, museums, and world-class restaurants are just a scooter ride away.
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Bermuda’s most famous beach sits on the island’s south coast, in the parish of Southampton. In the summer, Horseshoe Bay is the number one destination for many visitors to Bermuda, drawn by the crescent of pink sand and clear blue water. In the...
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Sandys Parish, Bermuda
Bermuda is located along the northernmost coral reef system in the world and offers a variety of shipwrecks and colorful reefs for aquatic adventurers. PADI-certified diving professionals at Fantasea Diving and Watersports, near the Royal Naval...
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11 Blue Hole Hill Hamilton, Hamilton Parish CR 04, Bermuda
Graceful palms and lush gardens greet guests at Grotto Bay Beach Resort. Situated on 21 acres, this peaceful colony of cottage-style rooms overlooks the beautiful blue water of Bailey’s Bay in the Parish of Hamilton. Tangerine salt body scrubs,...
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40 Crow Lane, Hamilton HM GX, Bermuda
The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute is a great place to dive into Bermuda’s seafaring past. In addition to showcasing Bermudian contributions to oceanography, the museum offers special presentations and displays on shipwrecks, fish and...
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Somerset Bridge, Middle Rd, Bermuda
Bermuda’s beautiful coastline is best enjoyed from the water itself. There are several watersport companies on the island that offer rentals on boats, kayaks, and jet skis. Somerset Bridge Watersports, located near the Royal Navy Dockyard, has...
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Front St, Bermuda
I was fortunate enough to be in Bermuda for their National Day celebration this past May, which in addition to a rum swizzle tasting tour of the island, meant a chance to dance in the Bermuda Day parade among the Gombeys. The Gombey is the iconic...
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8 Crystal Caves Road, Hamilton Parish CR 04, Bermuda
Along with pink sands and green golf courses, these subterranean grottoes are among Bermuda's iconic sites. First discovered in 1907 by the same family who still owns them, the caverns have spectacular crystal formations, crystalline pools, and...
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Maritime Ln, Sandys MA 01, Bermuda
This picture is my favourite memory from my visit to gorgeous islands of Bermuda. I used to make jokes with my parents for a while that i was close to God himself and captured him in all his glory :D Meet Neptun or Poseidon however you like to...
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Lighthouse Road, St Anne's Rd, Cross Bay SN 01, Bermuda

Built in 1846, this is one of the oldest cast-iron lighthouses in the world. It was visited by Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, shortly after her coronation. For spectacular island and sea views, trek up the 185 steps to the lighthouse’s...

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Stewart Hall 5 Queen Street, St George's GE 05, Bermuda
The abundance of tropical flowers and plant life flourishing along Bermuda’s sunny shores makes it a prime location for the creation of fabulous fragrances. The Bermuda Perfumery has been blending essential oils and floral essences into...
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Hamilton, Bermuda
Bordered by Victoria, Cedar, Washington, and Dundonald streets, Victoria Park is the city of Hamilton’s first public park. Winding trails, English-style sunken gardens, shrubs, and bushes are shaded by large pine trees to make a nice retreat...
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56 South Shore Road, Southampton SN 02, Bermuda
The Reefs Resort & Club blends a cheerful and sunny persona with a formal elegance that could only be described as uniquely Bermudian. Bright botanical prints and small splashes of color complement crisp white linens, deep wood tones, and tile...
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The Reefs Hotel & Club, 56 S Rd, Bermuda SN 02, Bermuda
Whether you come for the spectacular scenery or the food, you won’t be disappointed by this tiki-lit eatery on Bermuda’s famous pink shores at the Reefs Resort and Club. The weekly Beach BBQ is a fun event with a robust buffet and a DJ...
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The Reefs Hotel & Club, Bermuda
Ocean Echo serves seasonal fare with panoramic views of the ocean and their terrace is a wonderful spot to start the day or catch a sunset. Their expert culinary staff prepare an array of main dishes like local snapper, braised chicken,...
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Railway Trail, Bermuda
Until 1948, a train traveled the length of Bermuda from east to west, some 22 miles. Just over 15 years later the process of converting the rail lines into a paved path for bikers and walkers began, and now 18 miles are open to the public. It is...
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St.David's Lighthouse, Bermuda
St. David’s Lighthouse stands on the highest point on the eastern end of Bermuda at a total of 208 feet above sea level. Located on St. David’s Island, this stone structure is 55 feet tall and overlooks the South Shore. Built in 1879 to signal...