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What to Do around The Westin Xian

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Xian is the historical heart of China, and you feel like you're in the Tang Dynasty as you walk along the old city wall. At night, the lanterns light up and street musicians play traditional music. Make sure to try biangbiang noodles, and sweets on the streets.
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Furong S Rd, QuJiang ShangQuan, Yanta Qu, Xian Shi, Shaanxi Sheng, China
Tang Paradise is a modern reconstruction of various ancient sites in Shaanxi province. There are a lot of beautiful buildings constructed in the style used during the Tang Dynasty. The park itself is 165 acres, with a lake in the center surrounded...
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Qujiang Shangquan, Yanta, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
There are lots of places in the area surrounding Giant Wild Goose Pagoda where you can have your photograph taken while dressed up in costumes from ancient China. We weren't brave enough to try it, but it looked pretty fun. Kids would love it!
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This was a wonderful night walk along the moat on the outside of the South Wall. Traditional music softly plays and the dim lighting highlights the beauty of the lit-up wall. There's also talk of opening the boats on the moat up to tourists, which...
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Shuyuanmen Pedestrian St, ZhongLou ShangQuan, Beilin Qu, Xian Shi, Shaanxi Sheng, China, 710001
You must, must, must visit this street in Xi'an. Every shop sells either art or art supplies, such as these calligraphy brushes. I went there almost every day and tried to peek into every nook and cranny, but it's just so big. The neighborhood is...
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China, Xian Shi, Yanta Qu, DaTang TongYiFang, 西安大雁塔南广场西侧 邮政编码: 710061
The Underground Palace is one of the strangest places I have ever visited. We stumbled upon it by chance while wandering along the west side of the wall around the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. Despite not knowing what it was, we bought tickets and...
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Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
There are a number of old neighborhoods in Xi'an that are lovely to explore on foot, especially between the Bell Tower and the Great Mosque, and west of the South Gate. Wandering around, you'll see old houses and stumble upon amazing stonework and...
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Yanta W Rd, XiaoZhai ShangYeJie, Yanta Qu, Xian Shi, Shaanxi Sheng, China, 710007
Giant Wild Goose Pagoda is a very cool historical site to visit in Xi'an. It was built in the seventh century to house Buddhist scriptures, statues, and other relics that were brought back to China by the Buddhist scholar and traveler Xuanzang....
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17 Cuihua Rd, QuJiang ShangQuan, Yanta Qu, Xian Shi, Shaanxi Sheng, China
Covering almost 50 acres, the Shaanxi Xi'an Botanical Garden is a scenic spot for an afternoon stroll; popular with locals and wedding parties, and usually very few tourists. The garden is split into several sections and is home to over 3,400...
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Beiyuanmen Snacks Street, Lianhu, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China, 710001
Located in the Muslim Quarter in Xi’an, China is the Great Mosque, the country’s oldest and most renowned mosque. The mosque dates back to 742 AD. From all outward appearances, it looks like a Chinese temple and not a mosque; pagodas have replaced...
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91 Xiaozhai E Rd, QuJiang ShangQuan, Yanta Qu, Xian Shi, Shaanxi Sheng, China, 710061
Built in the grand architectural style of the Tang Dynasty, the huge Shaanxi History Museum offers a comprehensive overview of the history of the ancient capital. The museum houses over 370,000 precious relics unearthed in Shaanxi Province....
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Beiyuanmen Snacks Street, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Going to watch a landscape opera in Xi'an feels like the Chinese version of going to Shakespeare in the Park (minus the dialogue) in New York. The performance is set amidst the ruins of Hua Qing Palace. I went to see The Song of Unending Sorrow,...
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Hongying Rd, Beilin Qu, Xian Shi, Shaanxi Sheng, China
An interestingly curated museum, the Forest of Stone Steles Museum (also called the Steles Forest or Beilin Museum) focuses on displays of steles (commemorative slabs), epigraphs, and stone sculptures from throughout history. The museum's...
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585 Ziqiang E Rd, Xincheng Qu, Xian Shi, Shaanxi Sheng, China
The main royal residence for emperors during the Tang Dynasty (from the 600s to the 900s), Daming Palace was discovered in 1957. After excavations and restoration work, the palace, also known as the Palace of Great Brilliance, opened to the...
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155 Banpo Rd, Baqiao Qu, Xian Shi, Shaanxi Sheng, China, 710038
The Xi'an Banpo Museum preserves artifacts excavated from the neolithic site of Banpo, settled 5,600 to 6,700 years ago. The museum provides access to the excavated buildings and has several houses reconstructed in the style of the prehistoric...
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Lintong, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Visiting the famous Terracotta Army was on my bucket list, and I was lucky enough to see it recently. As I entered the first pit, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Right in front of me was the section holding the life-size terracotta warriors all...