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Bolívar, Venezuela
Canaima National Park is home to the infamous Angel Falls, but more people are able to visit its little brother Alto Sappo (or Sappo Falls) where you can get an even up close and personal look by walking behind it. Admire the table top mountains...
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Canaima 8011, Bolívar, Venezuela
The tallest waterfall on Earth. The journey to this enchanted area is awe inspiring. A true adventure that cannot be done in less than a few days into the jungle.
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Latin America
In this place there are no cars, the night sky is so clear you could think you are in a planetarium, turtles and dolphins are at home here, and the sea likes to play with your mind by showing you countless shades of green and blue as the mojitos...
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Playa El Agua, 6324, Nueva Esparta, Venezuela
After 20 years of travelling and more than 30 countries, I wouldn't dare to call myself a world traveller, neither claim I have seen the best of anything yet.. Actually, "bests" are not universal but circumstancial to the person that experiences...
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Oia 847 02, Greece
This little private church is probably the most photographed stop in Oia. Our rented house was right next to it but lower on the steps so we could see lots of people getting lots of photos. Married couples would take their photos next to it,...