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When traveling with OAT—the leader in international small-group discovery—iconic sites are just one part of the experience. Trip Leaders help foster personal connections among our travelers as they explore off the beaten path and seek out in-depth understanding. Along the way, they often meet local people who inspire vivid memories. Take a closer look at some of the immersive itineraries that OAT travelers enjoy.
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The Maasai of northern Tanzania proudly maintain some of Africa’s most distinctive cultural traditions—and travelers on our Safari Serengeti adventure experience them firsthand by paying a visit to a Maasai village. These cattle herders regard...
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Machu Pichu, 08680, Peru
This month marks the hundred-year-anniversary of the "re-discovery" of this Inca citadel by Hiram Bingham. Machu Picchu deserves its clichés--'place of a lifetime,' 'bucket-list destination'...'mystical'...'amazing'... Sometimes, it's okay...
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Karanac, Croatia
Travelers on the Crossroads of the Adriatic: Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Slovenia trip will spend time in the rural village of Karanac, Croatia—an agricultural community that produces the country’s best food and wine. There are...
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Rajasthan, India
One of the best ways to understand a country as vast as India is through making connections with locals. That’s why our Heart of India itinerary arranges a visit to a women’s craft cooperative in a rural village in the region of Rajasthan. The...
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Bangkok, Thailand
I had already begged a woman to write down the name of her ground—what, pork?—dish that first melted my brain. She scratched a couple Thai words on my notepad. Later, I learned she’d written “lunch.” Bangkok’s...