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The most unique, AFARish, off-the-beaten-path, culturally deep travel experiences by this inspirational community.
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Pokhara, Nepal
Pokhara is one of the most commercialized tourist destinations in all of Asia. Folks grumble about the lack of authentic experiences on hand when they come all the way out here - only they tend to do it from the cozy confines of an Italian...
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Chajul, Guatemala
Nestled in the foothills of the Western Highlands of Guatemala is Chajul, a town with cascading verdant hills and swaths of farmed land. The sky is vast, and blue hues meet a forested horizon. Chajul is comprised of approximately 20,000...
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Accra, Ghana
A trail of tangy tomatoes colored the lively Makola Market in Accra, Ghana. As my eyes darted around the rich reds, shoes and shirts, peppers and patterns - the tomatoes were really my 'yellow brick road'. Although I ate a mountain of plantains,...
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Mirleft, Morocco
Morocco has so many destinations for anyone's to-do list that there may not be enough time to cover them all. But if you've already decided to spend some time on the Atlantic coast visiting Essaouira or Agadir, consider traveling further south to...