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Traditional Festivities to Attend in Peru

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Sacsayhuaman is an impressive Inca fortress on a steep hill that overlooks all of Cusco. The ruins are humongous, but archeologists believe that the original site was as much as four times larger. What remains today are the impressive outer walls...
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When I decided to go to Peru, I knew there would be plenty of handicrafts to capture my attention. I even packed a collapsible tote bag to lug my purchases back home. In Lima, I stayed at a hotel in Miraflores. On my first venture out into the...
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Ollantaytambo, Peru
Even demons can't resist the bubblegum allure of Inca Kola. On a hot day in late May, with the patron saint's festival in full swing, these guys took a break from their dancing to enjoy some of Peru's famous fallout-yellow soda in the shade at a...
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Salcedo, Puno, Peru
In Puno, on shores of Lake Titicaca, the air is thin. Just walking can be an issue of mind over matter, as headaches and even nausea due to lack of oxygen can make the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other a challenge. As I slowly...