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Tianjin with Friends

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Tianjin is one of China’s largest cities, but is oft overlooked in the shadow of its big-time neighbor, Beijing. Despite its modern landscape, the city prides itself on its thousands of years of history, with rich cultural traditions in the arts, food, and theatre.
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2 Nanmen Outer St, Nankai Qu, Tianjin Shi, China, 300021
Momi Café is a simply decorated and thoughtful bookstore/café with a slight countryside feel, and is popular with a younger, bookish Tianjin crowd. Book-filled shelves are on one side of the space while racks of postcards line the others. You can...
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Dongli, China
City life can be exhausting. All that running around, the blast of car horns, the endless sightseeing list... Dongli Lake offers the perfect getaway from Tianjin. Come out here for the day and wander around the wetlands. There are lovely hot...
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Shuishang Gongyuan E Rd, Nankai Qu, China
The more than 300-acre Tianjin Water Park was established in the 1950s, but the "Green Dragon Pond" (青龙潭) site was known throughout Tianjin's extensive history (all the way back to the first century) for its natural beauty and lush landscape....
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Beijing, China

Hiking the Great Wall was an amazing experience. What made it even better was going to Simatai, which isn't as heavily visited as Badaling and other parts of the Wall. It's harder to get to and takes more effort to reach, but it's worth it. The...

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China, Tianjin Shi, Xiqing Qu, Yuhe Rd, 估衣街47号 邮政编码: 300380
If you feel like you're on a movie set during your visit to the picturesque Shi Family Grand Courtyard, that's because you are. But this is no backlot sound studio—it's the real thing. Built in the 1800s, the Shi Family earned its wealth through...
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155 Weijin Rd, Heping Qu, Tianjin Shi, China, 300070
Follow is an appropriate name for this shape-shifting spot, as what exactly it is adjusts to meet the needs of the particular day and time. By day, the place attracts busy office workers for mellow, affordable lunchtime meals. At night, it...
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Nanshi Food Street, Heping, Tianjin, China, 300100
Wander into the mall-like Nanshi Food Street complex, and you'll be surrounded by restaurants and stalls packed with inexpensive food choices. While there are plenty of sit-down options, where you can sample cuisines from all over China, you can...
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Chifeng Rd, Jin Jie, Heping Qu, Tianjin Shi, China, 300041
If you're looking for the most famous food in Tianjin, look no further than Goubuli. The restaurant is now a global sensation, with locations around China and the world, but it got its start here in the late 1880s. The dish itself is familiar: a...
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Liaoning Rd, Jin Jie, Heping Qu, Tianjin Shi, China, 300041
It's called the Snack Street. If that's not a good enough reason to check a place out, I don't know what is. Mahua, erduoyan, and youtiao—all varieties of fried dough—are insanely popular in Tianjin. But it's hard to beat jianbing (煎饼), which...
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58 Ziyou Rd, TianJin HaiHe YiShi FengQing Qu, Hebei Qu, Tianjin Shi, China, 300143
The little sibling of a well-known Beijing rock club, 13 Club in Tianjin is a relatively small venue with a calendar that features a rotating lineup of local and touring acts, with a focus on indie rock and metal bands. Terrace seating, mixed...
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Shandong Rd, Jin Jie, Heping Qu, Tianjin Shi, China, 300020
Get ready to haggle over prices for a variety of real-deal antiques from China's long and storied history. Vendors in the antiques district, which is centered around Jinzhou Dao and Shandong Lu, aren't limited to storefronts and stalls; many...
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Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street, opened in 1986, is one of the city's main tourist attractions. Located on the site of the city's original port district, it's a look back at the city's historic importance. During the Qing dynasty, Tianjin was one...