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Through the Cilician Gates: Mersin and Beyond

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Learn the history of Cilicia by traveling through the region around Mersin, Turkey!
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Demirtaş Mahallesi, Soğuksu Cd. No:40, 33090 Toroslar/Mersin, Turkey
Yumuktepe is a tumulus in Mersin that dates back to 6000 B.C. There are 23 levels to the mound, though there are no existing structures visible above ground. The top of the mound, and a few places along the sides of the tell, have been excavated....
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suzan dogan park plaza altı no 15 zemin kat, Akdeniz Mahallesi, 39609 Mezitli/Mersin, Turkey
Sütunlu Cadde (translated as columned street) can be found in the Soli area of Mersin. Originally a 350 meter (.22 mile) street leading from the ancient city of Soloi (Greek: Ʃoloi) down to it’s port, the column lined street would have been quite...
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For most of recorded history, the Cilician Gates have been the main thoroughfare of travel between Asia Minor and the lands of Syria and beyond. This pass of the Cilician Gates (Πulai Κιλικία in Greek, Gülek Boğazı -the throat of Gülek- in...
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Setting atop the mountain that overlooks the pass, at 1600 meters, is Gülek Kalesi (Castle). It was built during the middle ages and was a strategic location for both defense of the pass, and for the collection of fees from those who would pass...
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Kızkalesi Mahallesi, Silifke Mersin Blv., 33790 Erdemli/Mersin, Turkey
Kızkalesi, in ancient times known as Korykos, is known by locals as having some of the best beaches in Turkey. And while the beaches are really worth coming for, while you’re here don’t miss out on the history that awaits your discovery. In Roman...
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Karahacılı, Karahacılı Mahallesi, 33110 Yenişehir/Mersin, Turkey
If you’re in Mersin and looking for a quick getaway to some cooler temperatures, some great views of the city, and some trail hiking, head up to the City Forest (Şehir Ormanı) north of the city. The forest is situated on a “yayla,” or plateau,...
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Ayaş Mahallesi, 33740 Erdemli/Mersin, Turkey
One of the more visited stops by locals on their way to and from the beaches of Kızkalesi (ancient Korykos) is Elaiussa Sebaste. Elaiussa became the residence of the last Cappadocian king, Archelaus, who built Sebaste in honor of the then emperor,...
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St. Paul’s Church (in Turkish, Aziz Pavlus Kilisesi) is an Orthodox church in Tarsus, the Apostle Paul’s hometown. It is also known as St. Paul’s Museum (Aziz Pavlus Müzesi), as there is not an active congregation of people who meet in it...